About Us


The City of Edmonds strives to offer the opportunity to all Edmonds citizens to stay active, get involved, play and have fun, and engage with the community. Visit www.reczone.org  to view the catalog and register for current program offerings.


We currently manage over 265 acres of parks and open space, providing nearly a mile of public waterfront access, active recreational facilities for team sports, playgrounds at 14 parks, more than 13 miles of walking paths and trails and approximately 80 acres of open space. For more information, please email [email protected]


The Human Services program is intended to serve Edmonds residents in need of assistance, guidance, and help finding resources across a variety of issues for the wide demographic spectrum that comprises our city; particularly focused on helping connect individuals and families that are financially or housing-stressed with local and regional resources that can help. For more information, please contact Mindy Woods, Human Services Program Manager,  [email protected] or 425.563.8348.


Provides oversight, capital project development, policy and procedures, and comprehensive planning. For more information, please contact Angie Feser, Parks, Recreation, and Human Services Director, [email protected] or 425.771.0256.