Environmental Resources Portal

Conservation at Home


We can all help protect and conserve natural resources by taking simple steps in our daily lives. Browse our Conservation at Home pages for resources on:

Rain gardens
Trees and yard care
Stormwater management 
Pollution prevention
Water and energy conservation
Waste and recycling
Green Businesses

leadership and volunteering

volunteer outside station

Whether you want to join a work party for a few hours, or become a conservation leader working in your own community, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. 

Park stewardship
Habitat restoration
Storm drain stenciling
Certifications and trainings
Civic engagement
Garden clubs

Plants and Wildlife

photo of heron

Hundreds of species of plants and wildlife make their home in Edmonds - in our parks and greenspaces, our neighborhoods, and in our own backyards. Find the following resources on these pages:

Species guides and checklists
Orphan, injured, or nuisance wildlife
Classes and camps
Guided walks and field trips
Kids activities

Parks and Greenspaces

trail sign

Many parks in Edmonds offer  opportunities for exploration, education, and wildlife viewing in native habitats. Visit these pages to:

Find parks with  forest, beach, or marsh
Download trail maps
Discover park history
Join an interpretive walk