Development Fees

Building, Engineering and Planning Permits

General Facility Charges

Water Utility - charges by meter size

  • 3/4" meter = $5050.00
  • 1" meter = $12,624.00
  • 2" meter = $40,397.00
  • Refer to Edmonds City Code 7.30.035 for a complete list
  • Please note, this fee does not include the actual water meter fee. Refer to Development Fee Table above for water meter fees.

Sewer Utility - charges by Equivalent Residential Unit. Sewer GFC per ERU = $4417.00

  • A Single Family Residence = 1 ERU
  • A Multifamily Residence = 0.67 ERU per dwelling unit
  • Contact an Engineering Technician for additional estimates.
  • Refer also to Edmonds City Code 7.30.035

Stormwater Utility - charges by Equivalent Service Unit. StormGFC per ESU = $799.00

  • A Single Family Residence = 1 ESU unless the SFR includes 5,000sf or more new, replaced or combination thereof, in which case the GFC is calculated per the ratio below.
  • All developments other than SFR and SFR with over 5,000sf impervious surface area as described above shall pay GFC's at a ratio of one ESU per 3,000sf of new, replaced, or new plus replaced impervious surface area.
  • Refer also to Edmonds City Code 7.50.070

Park Impact Fees

  • Single-family house: $2,734.05 per dwelling unit
  • Multi-family residential housing: $2340.16 per dwelling unit
  • Non-residential development: $1.34 per square foot.
  • Refer also to Ordinance 3934 Establishing Park Impact Fees

Transportation Impact Fees

Fees are noted below as well as in City handout and Code.

Permitting Contacts

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