Reimagining Neighborhoods + Streets: Creating Community Spaces Together



streets have always been a place where communities come together, and the sights and sounds associated with streets engrained in our memories. What sensations do you associate with the modern street? It is loud and bustling with activity on a Friday night? Is it quiet and serene during a morning walk? Maybe kids are playing a game of street basketball, or the savor of street food wafts through the air. Public space provides a great equalizer; they provide truly democratic spaces that everyone has the right to enjoy.

Streets comprise approximately 77 percent of the City’s public space network and should be adaptable to serve multiple functions and needs — a place where people are prioritized and anyone can access multiple modes of transport, visit with their neighbors, and safety is assured.

The last 100 years of transportation planning have centered on street design that facilitates the expeditious movement of vehicles — often to the detriment of safety and comfort of other roadway users.

The Reimagining Neighborhoods + Streets project is an opportunity to envision and put into action what the streets of tomorrow will look and feel like. The community is invited to engage in a process to develop new street and public space typologies that will guide how streets are built in the future and allow for more spontaneous use of public space.


The project has three main deliverables:

  1. Develop new street typologies. The existing street functional classification system is based on the federal system—which is organized primarily around traffic volumes. New street typologies will consider vehicle movement, but will ensure that street design serves social, environmental, and economic needs and functions as well.

  2. Develop new public space typologies. Public space typologies will be designed to optimize the existing right of way by enabling social hubs, expanding connectivity, and improving environmental outcomes.

  3. Create a public space activation strategies toolkit. A toolkit of activation strategies that empower community members, organizations, and the City to program public spaces that express our collective diversity and cultural richness. 

The project is expected to conclude in spring 2023, with pilot projects extending into the summer.


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