Edmonds Hires New Communications Strategist/PIO

Edmonds Hires New Communications Strategist/PIO
Posted on 04/07/2021
Kelsey Foster, Communications Strategist/Public Information OfficerThe City of Edmonds is pleased to announce the hiring of a new half-time
Communications Strategist/ Public Information Officer. Kelsey Foster started in the position on
Monday, March 22, 2021.
Kelsey served in the role in an interim contract capacity starting in late December 2020. The
City conducted a recruitment process early in 2021 and after vetting and interviewing several
candidates, selected Foster for the permanent role.
Kelsey has worked in the marketing communications field for over 20 years, with specific
experience in social media, community engagement, and in the nonprofit field. She has been a
longtime volunteer with the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce and was a member of last
summer’s Task Force on the “Edmonds Kind of Hero” fundraising campaign for the Chamber.
“I grew up in Edmonds and have raised both of my children here. I am excited to serve the city I
love in this new capacity,” said Foster.
Some of the initiatives she will be focused on include increasing community engagement
through various communications channels, working across departments to streamline internal
communications initiatives, and continuing to get information out to the public about key
projects and initiatives through press releases, the City website, and press releases.
“I am delighted to have Kelsey join us to lead communications for the City,” stated Economic
Development and Community Services Director Patrick Doherty. “She brings a wealth of
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knowledge about the Edmonds community in addition to her professional communications
Local business owners, residents, and community groups interested in connecting with Kelsey
may contact her at [email protected]