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The City of Edmonds supports walking and biking as safe, healthy and attractive alternatives to driving. In order to make biking and walking easier, the City updates the Walkway Plan and Bicycle Plan every six years (as part of the Transportation Plan Update). The Walkway Plan and Bicycle Plan were recently updated in 2015 (sections of the 2015 Transportation Plan). The plan identifies many different walkway and bicycle projects that, when funded, would improve non-motorized transportation conditions. The Walkway Map and Bicycle Map show the existing facilities as well as the proposed facilities that the City would incorporate in future projects. Appendix D of the Transportation Plan has the rating of each proposed walkway project, based on a set of different criteria.



- Edmonds Existing and Recommended Bicycle Routes/Paths

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- Basics in Bicycling - Edmonds School District Program

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Recently completed transportation improvements (from 2018 through 2020)

  • 2018
    • 76th Ave W @ 212th St. SW Intersection Improvements:
      Addition of left turn and right turn lanes combined with wider sidewalk, bike lanes, additional lighting, utility lines to underground within the project limits. This project was funded through a Federal CMAQ Grant (Congestion and Air Quality Mitigation) and local funds.
    • 238th Street Walkway from Hwy 99 to SR-104:
      Addition of sidewalk on north side of 238th St. SW with curb ramp upgrades along the entire stretch. The project was funded by a State TIB Grant (Transportation Improvement Board) and local funds.
    • 2018 Overlay Program:
      ADA curb ramp upgrades along the north side of 244th St. SW from 92nd Pl. W to 87th Pl. W.
  • 2019
    • 3rd Ave N SR-524) and Bell Street, pedestrian-actuated Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB's) were added to the existing crosswalk to improve pedestrian crossing conditions when crossing 3rd Ave N. The project was funded by local Funds.
    • Main Street & 7th Avenue, LED lights were added around the stop signs at all approaches to due to the high pedestrian activity. This improvement was funded by local funds.
    • Addition of new crosswalk with RRFB's along Admiral Way (~300' south of Dayton Street)
    • ADA Curb Ramp Upgrades:
      • SR-104 at 238th St. SW
      • 7th Ave S at Alder Street
      • 80th Ave W from 196th St. SW to 188th St. SW (both sides of the street)
  • 2020
    • 84th Ave Overlay (from 220th St. SW to 212th St. SW):
      Along with an overlay of the street, ADA curb ramp upgrades were done. RRFB's were added at the 216th St. SW mid-blocking crossing at Chase Lake Elementary School. This project was funded by a Federal STP Grant and local funds.
    • Dayton Street from 7th Ave S to 8th Ave S:
      As part of the Dayton Street Utility Replacement project, a missing link of sidewalk was completed in Summer 2020 on the south side of Dayton St. from 7th Ave S to 8th Ave. This sidewalk project was funded through a secured Complete Streets TIB Grant.
    • Walnut Street from 3rd Ave S to 4th Ave S:
      A missing link of sidewalk was completed in Summer 2020 on the south side of Walnut Street from 3rd Ave S to 4th Ave S. This sidewalk project is funded through a secured TIB Complete Streets grant and was completed by the City's concrete crews.

Non-motorized transportation improvements soon to be completed in 2021:

  • City Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements Project:
    This project is scheduled to advertise in Fall 2020 and the construction to be completed in 2021. The project is funded through Federal secured Safe Routes to School grant.
    Proposed Improvements Map
  • Curb Ramp Upgrades:
    To be completed by City of Edmonds concrete crew. Locations TBD.

The City continually looks for funding opportunities to improve non-motorized transportation conditions throughout the City (with Federal and State grant programs).

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