Storm Drain Stenciling

A community activity that helps protect our watershed and promotes better understanding of stormwater and pollution prevention.

Dump No Waste Drains To Stream

The City of Edmonds offers free assistance and use of stenciling supplies to:


Senior groups


Youth groups


Interested citizens

Non-profit organizations

Neighborhood Associations

The City of Edmonds has over 8000 storm drains that allow rain and other water runoff to make its way eventually into Puget Sound and other bodies of water. Whatever enters the drains is discharged directly into these waters, by way of pipes, ditches or natural watercourses, all without benefit of treatment.

Stenciling next to storm drains allows citizens to be involved in protecting clean water in your watershed and habitat for fish and wildlife. The message is highly visible and discourages would-be dumpers from polluting.

Here's how to get involved in this activity:

Contact the City's Public Works Department at (425) 771-0235, extension 1603.

  • We provide assistance in locating the best place for you to stencil storm drains.
  • We provide use of the stencils, the special spray paint and stenciling instructions.
  • We provide safety equipment necessary to work along roadways.
  • We provide education on understanding watersheds and your role in their protection and enhancement.