Outreach Resources

Resources for Stormwater and Surface Water Questions

The following are links to information on stormwater and surface water topics. Should you have further questions, contact Patrick Johnson, Stormwater Engineering Technician, at (425) 771-0220 x1322 or [email protected]

Stormwater Articles in Update on Edmonds online newsletter

  • 2012 - Helping Puget Sound, Right Here in Edmonds; Scoop It, Bag It, Throw It in the Trash
  • 2013 - Car Washing and Water Quality; Puget Sound Starts Here is Back!
  • 2014 - Spill Kit Program for Businesses; Take Care of Your Yard Naturally; Don't Drip & Drive....Get Those Car Leaks Fixed!!; Rain Gardens in Edmonds
  • 2015 - Stormwater Utility: What Services Does the City Provide for Customer?; Car Washing and Water Quality
  • 2016 - From Wet Winters to Dry Summers - How You Can Deal (natural yard care and rain gardens)

Spills and Illicit Discharges
If you see signs of a spill or illicit discharge, call the Spill Hotline at (425)-771-0235 (from 8 am to 4:30 pm) or 911 after hours, or send an email.

Other spill and illicit discharge information:
Snohomish County Waste Acceptance brochure
Spills and Illicit Discharge - What to Do? - a City of Edmonds utility insert
Automobile waste disposal - Ecology brochure

Natural Yard Care
The following are links to information on natural yard care practices - water conservation, building healthy soil, reducing pesticide use, and choosing native plants.

naturalyardcare.info - guide to natural yard care for Puget Sound residents
growsmartgrowsafe.org - guide on reducing or eliminating pesticide use
Native Trees for Small Yards - WSU Extension - great resource for Edmonds residents!
Natural Yard Care booklet - includes suggestions for low maintenance lawns!

Lawn Care Equipment
Learn about the environmental impacts of gas-powered lawn care equipment and leaf blower alternatives and best practices.  

Rain Gardens
The following are links to information on rain gardens and other Low Impact Development techniques.

Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington, June 2013 - (publication size 19.22 MB)
City of Edmonds Low Impact Development web page
Rain Garden Fact Sheet - City of Seattle Rain Wise program

Other Stormwater Outreach Topics

2013 City of Edmonds Business and Citizen Survey of Stormwater Understanding
Iron Bacteria and Orange Slime
Streamside Landowners' Guide for a Healthy Stream

Contact Stormwater NPDES 

NPDES Compliance | Stormwater Outreach & Education | Stormwater Facility Inspections
Patrick Johnson
Stormwater Technician
(425) 771-0220, x1322
[email protected]