Car Washing in Edmonds

It's not illegal to wash your car in Edmonds! It is, however, a violation of federal, state, and City regulations to let car washwater flow into a storm drain.

Car washwater and rinse water contain a mixture of detergents, oils, heavy metals, and other pollutants that we are washing off of our vehicles. Since stormwater in Edmonds flows directly to our creeks, lakes, and Puget Sound, the soapy, polluted water can impact aquatic plants and animals.

Even biodegradable soaps can harm our local water bodies - soaps decrease the surface tension of water and lower the oxygen level. And just like standard soaps, biodegradable soaps can injure fish gills and skin.

Remember that there are a number of options when it comes to washing your car. Wash your car on the grass, take it to an authorized commercial car wash or use a waterless car wash product.

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