Recycling & Garbage

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Curbside Recycling, Yard/Food Waste, & Garbage Collection

Three private waste hauling companies provide convenient, scheduled curbside garbage collection, recycling, and optional yard & food waste services within the Edmonds city limits:

  • Sound Disposal provides service in the greater "bowl" area of downtown Edmonds. For service please call (425) 778-2404

  • Republic Services provides service to almost all of the remainder of the city. For service please call (425) 778-0188

  • Waste Management NW provides service to about 120 homes in an area to the northwest and the south side of Lake Ballinger. For service please call (800) 592-9995

Please contact your hauling company to start/stop service or for any other service questions.

Please click on either map link below to open up and see a map of each private waste hauling company's collection area within the City of Edmonds.

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The City of Edmonds does not provide waste hauling services. Curbside garbage and recycling service is provided under franchise agreements with private industry solid waste carriers regulated by the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC). If you have a complaint about the services provided by your waste hauling company that you would like to further convey to the commission, you can make your report to the WUTC here.