Transportation Details

TR_530 _Asphalt Walkway 9.7.2023.pdf
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TR-500: Typical Street Profile    01/01/18        CAD 
TR-505: Public Street    04/06/21        CAD 
TR-510: Private Streets (1-4 Lots)   04/09/21        CAD 
TR-511: Private Streets (5-9 Lots)   04/09/21        CAD 
TR-514: Cul-De-Sac and Turn-Around Details   03/01/18        CAD 
TR-515: 2" Overlay Adjustment Riser - Brass Cap   02/04/20        CAD 
TR-516: Street Monument and Case   04/07/21        CAD 
TR-520: Concrete Curb and Gutter   04/09/21        CAD
TR-521: Rolled and Vertical Curb   04/09/21        CAD
TR-522: Concrete Extruded Curb   04/09/21        CAD 
TR-523: Asphalt Thickened Edge   04/09/21        CAD
TR-524: Precast Concrete Dual Faced Sloped Mountable Curb   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-530: Asphalt Walkway   09/13/23        CAD 
TR-531: Concrete Sidewalk   04/09/21        CAD 
TR-540: Curb Ramps   09/13/23       CAD 
TR-541: Driveway Approach Type I   04/09/21        CAD 
TR-542: Driveway Approach Type II   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-543: Driveway Approach Type III   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-544: Driveway Approach Type IV   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-545: Driveway Approach Type V   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-546: Driveway Approach Type VI   09/13/23       CAD 
TR-550: Root Barrier for Concrete/Paved Walkway   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-551: Tree Grate   04/01/19        CAD 
TR-552: Hanging Flower Basket Pole   11/03/21        CAD 
TR-560: Roadway Pavement Markings on Local Streets   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-561: Roadway Pavement Striping for Collector and Arterial Streets   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-562: Crosswalk Detail   06/01/19        CAD 
TR-563A: Speed Cushion   02/01/18        CAD 
TR-563B: Speed Cushion Sizing Detail   02/01/18        CAD 
TR-564: Shared Lane Markings   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-565: Bicycle Lane Channelization   09/01/19        CAD 
TR-566: Pavement Arrow Markings   10/01/18        CAD 
TR-567: Fire Lane Specifications (Multi-Family and Commercial)   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-570: Street Name Sign and Fire-Aid Address and Post Mounting Detail   10/01/18        CAD 
TR-571: Sign Post Installation in Non-Sidewalk Area   10/01/18        CAD 
TR-572: Sign Post Installation in Sidewalk Area   02/01/18        CAD 
TR-573: End of Roadway Delineation   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-574: Construction Notice Signage (Capital Improvements)   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-575: Traffic Street Signs   01/01/19        CAD 
TR-580: Mailbox Detail 1   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-581: Mailbox Detail 1A   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-582: Mailbox Detail 2   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-583: Metal Safety Railing   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-584: Chain Link Fence   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-590: Sight Distance - Setback Lines   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-591: Traffic Control Devices   01/01/18        CAD 
TR-592: Asphalt Repair   09/13/23       CAD