LID Storm Details

PDF File    Revision Date         
SD-600: Green Stormwater Infrastructure Cover Sheet   09/15/23        CAD
SD-601: Typical Rain Garden (Plan)   09/15/23        CAD
SD-602: Typical Rain Garden (Section)   04/15/21        CAD
SD-603: Typical Rain Garden Piped Inlet   04/15/21        CAD
SD-604: Typical Rain Garden Swale Inlets   09/15/23        CAD
SD-605: Typical Rain Garden Outlets   04/15/21        CAD 
SD-611: Bioretention Plan/Section   09/15/23        CAD
SD-612: Bioretention Section   09/15/23        CAD
SD-613: Bioretention Section with Underdrain   09/15/23        CAD
SD-614: Bioretention Rock Check Dam   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-615: Overflow Outlet Structure - Option 1   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-616: Overflow Outlet Structure - Option 2   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-618: Slotted PVC Underdrain Pipe   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-619: Storm Drainage Cleanout   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-621: Typical Porous Asphalt Pavement   09/15/23        CAD
SD-622: Typical Pervious Concrete Pavement   04/05/23        CAD 
SD-623: Typical Permeable Unit Paver System   09/15/23        CAD
SD-624: Typical Permeable Grass Paver System   09/15/23        CAD
SD-625: Edge Treatments at Landscape Interface   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-626: Edge Treatments at Paver Interface   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-627: Permeable Pavement Subsurface Check Dams   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-628: Permeable Pavement Underdrain with Control Structure   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-631: Typical Downspout Dispersion Trenchs for Roofs   09/15/23        CAD 
SD-632: Typical Dispersion Trench with Notched Grade Board for Roofs   09/15/23        CAD
SD-633: Typical Downspout Dispersion Splashblock for Roofs   09/15/23        CAD
SD-634: Typical Concentrated Flow Dispersion   04/15/21        CAD 
SD-635: Typical Sheet Flow Dispersion   04/15/21        CAD 
SD-636: Typical Downspout Infiltration Trench   09/15/23        CAD
SD-637: Typical Roof Downspout Gravelless Chamber   04/15/21        CAD 
SD-638: Typical Downspout Infiltration Drywell   04/15/21        CAD 
SD-639: Typical Perforated Stub-Out Connection   04/15/21        CAD
SD-641: Bioretention and Rain Garden Planting Zones   12/01/17        CAD 
SD-642: Post Construction Soil Quality and Depth   04/15/21        CAD 
SD-651: Detention Tank For Minimum Requirement No. 5   10/02/23       CAD