Beach Parks

Edmonds has four beach parks located along our waterfront: Brackett's Landing North and South, Marina Beach Park, and Olympic Beach. Information for each park can be found on the Visit a Park webpage

Marine Sanctuary


Heavy industrial use along the Edmonds waterfront took a toll over the years. By 1976 the wildlife count was low enough to be almost non-existent. A group of concerned citizens, the Brackett's Landing Task Force, rallied community support to save the waterfront from destruction. Organized in 1980 by Frances Murphy, a kindergarten teacher in the Edmonds School District, the Brackett's Landing Task Force set two major goals:

  1. To make Brackett's Landing a marine sanctuary, protecting a delicate natural resource and allowing wildlife to repopulate.
  2. To develop a recreational area compatible with the sanctuary, as well as a site offering educational opportunities.

The first goal was accomplished in 1980 when the Edmonds City Council voted to declare Brackett's Landing a marine sanctuary. Over the following years, a marine education program was born with funding provided by the City of Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, and the Edmonds School District. Today, the Edmonds Parks Department provides marine education to thousands of school children every year through its popular Beach Ranger program.


Although only the area adjacent to Brackett's Landing has 'Sanctuary' as part of its title (Brackett's Landing Shoreline Sanctuary Conservation Area), all City of Edmonds Beaches are considered marine sanctuaries. No fishing, clamming, crabbing, or collection of shells, rocks, driftwood, or other marine life is allowed.

Other regulations applicable to the Marine Sanctuary include:

The following activities are prohibited in all city parks, beaches and playgrounds: • Littering/Dumping • Vandalism • Smoking and vaping • Drinking intoxicants or using controlled substances • Discharge of Firearms • Horses • Fireworks • Disorderly Conduct • Collecting shells, marine life, or driftwood • Motor vehicles (Segways allowed along waterfront park walkways only) • Wood fires or Camping • Unleashed Animals • No vending without a permit

ADDITIONAL RULES FOR EDMONDS BEACHES All of Edmonds beaches are designated as beach sanctuaries. The following rules apply: 1. No collecting or harvesting of animals and plants, alive or dead, shells, rocks and driftwood. Fishermen cannot harvest bait along the shoreline. 2. No dogs allowed (except service dogs) on any beaches except Off-Leash Area south of Marina Beach. 3. Diving is allowed in the Dive Park or at Marina Beach. No diving at Olympic Beach. 4. No wheeled vehicles allowed except wheelchairs and child carriages/strollers. 5. No wake zone within 50 yards of any public beach, swimming area or fishing pier. 6. No possession of devices used for the taking of fish or other marine life on city beaches. 7. No swimming or diving within 300 feet of the ferry dock. 8. No feeding of wildlife.