Recruitment Process

The City of Edmonds is committed to attracting a diverse, productive, engaged, and talented workforce. The City accepts applications for open job postings only (which are posted on through NEOGOV, our online applicant tracking system). All applications must be submitted online. If you require an accommodation for a disability, or need extra assistance with the application process, please contact someone in Human Resources.

In most cases, the City of Edmonds links the full job description into a job posting. Reviewing the job description will provide you with more detailed information about the position you are interested in. You will gain an understanding of typical duties performed, the knowledge, abilities and skills you need to excel, and the education, training and experience required for the position.

For technical assistance with applications or the governmentjobs website, please contact NEOGOV's applicant support line at 855-524-5627.

Application Steps

Please see the following link for NEOGOV's application guide and other resources:

For most positions, candidates will be required to participate in the following steps:

  1. Create a candidate profile
    Creating an online candidate profile on NEOGOV will allow you to:

    -Apply for a position
    -Upload your resume.
    -Complete job specific pre-screening questions

    The process is quick and simple and allows you to update your profile at any time so your information is the most up to date.

  2. Apply for an opportunity
    Using a candidate profile, applicants may search for jobs and apply for available positions online. For some positions, a cover letter and/or resume attachment as well as completing a supplemental questionnaire is mandatory. 

  3. Assessment and interview process
    Candidates whose qualifications and experience meet the job requirements will be sent for further review at the department level. Competitive candidates may then be contacted for an interview. We make our best effort to keep candidates informed of their status throughout the recruitment process.

    If selected, an interview is an opportunity for the candidate to learn more about the position and for the interviewers to learn more about the candidate's skills, experiences and past performance. The City generally uses panel style interviews (with 3-4 panel member). In some cases, a second round of interviews may be scheduled. Interviews may be conducted in person or through Zoom.

    Throughout the process candidates may log onto their online account and check their application status. If a position is reposted due to a lack of qualified applicants in the applicant pool, the City will repost the position on our website.

    Top candidate(s) selected from the interview process will proceed to reference checks/background checks/driving abstract checks and/or drug and alcohol testing (for certain positions). 

  4. Job Offer

    Once all the assessments, interviews and reference checks for a position are complete, the successful candidate will be contacted with a verbal offer to be followed up in writing. Sometimes the job offers are made, contingent upon the successful completion of the background and/or any pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. Please note that applicants are not notified about non-selection (for an interview or for the position) until the selection process has been completed. Unsuccessful candidates will be sent notification via email.