Accessory Dwelling Unit Code Update


ADU code amendments went into effect June 19, 2024!

On June 11, 2024, The City of Edmonds City Council adopted a code update that increases allowances for accessory dwelling units to better align with the needs of Edmonds' residents, particularly the increasing interest to ‘age in place.’

View Adopted Ordinance. 

Online Code Platform has been updated to reflect recent ADU amendments. View the Edmonds Community Development Code (ECDC) here.  


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What are Accessory Dwelling units?

An accessory dwelling unit is a small residence that shares a single-family lot with a primary dwelling.

An ADU is self-contained, with its own kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom, and living/sleeping area.

  • An attached ADU is a dwelling unit located within or attached to another housing unit.
  • A detached ADU (DADU) is separate and unconnected to the other housing unit.

Edmonds currently allow accessory dwelling units attached to or constructed within the primary residence in all single-family residential zones (except within Planned Residential Developments) with a conditional use land use permit.

All ADUs must meet the following criteria found in Chapter 20.21 of the Edmonds Community Development Code (ECDC) in order to be approved.

In 2021, the Citizens’ Housing Commission stated the following policy recommendation for updating the ADU code to include DADUs:

“Allow either one attached or detached accessory unit on a property in the SFR area, with clear and definitive development requirements such as size, ownership, and parking, under the standard permitting process and not require a conditional use permit.”

According to the 2021 American Community Survey, 21.5% of Edmonds’ residents are over 65 years of age and one of the major concerns among our senior residents is whether DADUs are allowed for ‘aging in place.'

What is HB 1337 ?

HB 1337 is a statewide housing bill focused on accessory dwelling units (ADUs), aiming to broaden housing choices by easing barriers to the construction and use of accessory dwelling units.

The bill specifies that the city allows at least two ADUs in any zone where single-family homes are permitted as a secondary outright permitted use. The bill also addresses topics such as ADU size standards, owner occupancy, and condominium sales.

Homeowners will have more flexibility to build new ADUs or convert existing structures in order to provide additional income opportunities, increase the availability of affordable housing, and support aging in place.

Read more about the HB 1337 here.

Proposed allowances for ADUs

  • No longer require a conditional use permit.*
  • Allow both attached and detached ADUs.*
  • Allow up to two ADUs on all single-family lots in any configuration with few exceptions.*
  • Allow ADUs in all zones that allow for single-family uses.*
  • Height allowed up to 24 feet.*
  • No design restrictions.*
  • Owner occupancy not required.*
  • Allow sale as condominiums.*
  • No additional parking required for ADUs.
  • Allow ADUs up to 1,200 square feet.
  • Decrease rear setback requirements.
  • Allow prefabricated units.

*Required by HB 1337


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