Bicycle Parking Requirements

This code update addresses bicycle parking needs within Edmonds. It establishes when and where bicycle parking is required. Currently, bicycle parking standards do not apply to city-wide development.

The regulations establish how many bicycle parking spaces are needed per development.  This is to meet the different needs of the bicycle user and reduces the barriers to bike riding as a form of transportation. 

Code Highlights:

  • Requires short and long-term bike parking (see below)
  • Contains rules for locating and installing these facilities
  • Applies to most new multifamily or non-residential development

Short-term bike parking is intended for quick trips,  less than four hours.  These are the bike racks typically found near building entrances.

Short Term Parking

Long-term bike parking is intended for all day or overnight storage. These are lockers or secure racks typically found within a building, such as in a garage or storage room. 

Long term

See the presentation in Project Documents to learn more about the requirements.

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