Tree Code Updates

Tree protection ordinances are one of the ways cities balance urban growth with preserving a healthy, sustainable and livable community. In 2020-2021, Edmonds' tree code was updated to support Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) Goal 1A to reduce development impacts on the urban forest. At that time, the City Council and the Planning Board recognized that in addition to retaining and planting trees with development, regulations that would limit property owner tree removals could be considered at a future date.

In early 2022, Edmonds completed a Tree Canopy Assessment measuring tree canopy cover to guide canopy-enhancing strategies such as tree planting programs, public education and tree code updates. 

Image of Ciny of Edmonds Fountaim


Regulating property owner tree removals is a substantial, new code requirement and as such, is a major amendment to the existing code, Chapter 23.10 of the Edmonds Community and Development Code (ECDC). The scope of the 2022-2023 tree code amendment project is to achieve three objectives:

  • Establish appropriate limitations to property owner tree removals (not related to development activity).
  • Address issues and challenges that have arisen since the existing code was adopted in 2021 with minor code amendments.
  • Simplify the existing code so that it is effective and practical to use. 

Project Timeline

Below are the prior and anticipated public meeting dates, along with community outreach events related to the tree code updates. Note that public meeting dates are subject to change. 

tree code updates 6/13


 As part of the tree code amendment project, a series of focus group sessions, Community Conversation events and a public survey provided opportunities to hear the community's perspective and ideas about changes to the tree code.  The City hired the consulting group PlanIT Geo to develop a Community Engagement Strategy, assist in facilitating public meetings and compile report findings resulting from engagement efforts.  A final report, including all attachments is available at this link. To read a summary of public engagement efforts (no attachments) click here, or view community and stakeholder feedback from each event and results from the public survey below:


  • Participate in upcoming public meetings.
  • Submit your comments to [email protected]
  • Email [email protected] with a request to receive project updates.
  • Provide in-person comments during the Items from the Audience portion at Planning Board and City Council meetings. 


  • Tree City USA bulletin on Tree Protection Ordinances.
  • Studies show how human health is related to nature in cities.
  • Why Puget Sound cities need trees.
  • Read about or listen to PlanIT Geo's podcast, Private Tree Ordinance 101.
  • Check out the new Trees for Resilience online toolkit
  • The MRSC (Municipal Research Services Center) looks at trees, equity and Urban Forest Managment Plans.

Questions about the project? Email Mike Clugston at [email protected].


October 25, 2023 - Planning Board meeting

Note that public meeting dates are subject to change.

RECENT Public Meetings

2022-2023 tree code amendments currently underway

2021 Code Amendments to adopt the exisiting development code