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Edmonds Creative DistrictEdmonds Creative DistrictEdmonds Creative District

Welcome to the Edmonds Creative District, Washington's first Certified Creative District!

The Edmonds Creative District comprises the heart of Edmonds, a traditional, walkable small-city downtown featuring a rich mix of arts, culture, creative-sector businesses, public gathering spaces, and historic structures - all on the shores of Puget Sound with panoramic views of the Olympic Mountains. Click here for a map of the Edmonds Creative District.

While traditional arts and culture establishments form the heart of the Creative District, the creative sector is much broader and encompasses businesses engaged in design, photography and videography, creative software, brewing, distilling, culinary arts, jewelry making, book publishing, architecture and drafting, cabinetry, catering, advertising and more.

It is the rich mix of these types of creative businesses that forms a unique synergy, which when enhanced by the unbeatable aesthetics of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, inspires and nurtures creative-sector businesses in the Edmonds Creative District.

Bring your creative business to the Edmonds Creative District and Make a Splash!

General information about doing business in Edmonds can be found at the links provided on the left under "Doing Business in Edmonds."

What is a Certified Creative District? 

A certified Creative District is a geographically defined area of cultural and economic activity recognized by the State of Washington as a place for people to gather and enjoy their community’s arts, culture, and creativity. The innovation and ingenuity within the district celebrate the community’s creative diversity and foster economic vitality.https://www.arts.wa.gov/creative-districts/

State certification endorses creative activities in the community. It recognizes the potential for growth and provides an avenue for promotion of existing creative businesses. Certification can help Edmonds:

  • Grow jobs and opportunities for citizens
  • Increase tourism and bring new visitors
  • Attract artists, start-ups, and creative businesses
  • Boost livability for residents and visitors
  • Promote the community’s creative identity and opportunities for collaboration
  • Provide leverage for Creative District capital projects

Fourth Avenue Cultural Corridor

A key feature of the City Council-approved 5-year Work Program for the Edmonds Creative District is development of the Fourth Avenue Cultural Corridor - a reinvention of the existing street improvements in Fourth Avenue North between Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA) and Main Street. A key purpose of this project is to make this important pedestrian connection between Downtown Edmonds' premier arts/culture venue and the restaurant, shops and services of Main Street and the heart of Downtown Edmonds a safer, more welcoming, more inviting, and more interesting pedestrian experience. This will, in turn, help maximize the connectivity between Downtown and ECA. Another important purpose is to create a special linear venue that could accommodate celebrations, events, art, and performance - all resulting in Fourth Avenue becoming a destination unto itself, only steps away from the waterfront and the new Civic Park. For more information, click HERE

More Information about the Edmonds Creative District

Governor Jay Inslee announced in November 2018 that Edmonds was selected as Washington's first Certified Creative District - a designation that recognizes both the existing strength of our Creative Sector, as well as the progress and enhancements that we plan to make over the next five years.

Attracting creative-sector businesses is a cornerstone of these enhancements.

To provide valuable input, assistance and advice on furthering the goals, objectives and milestones of the Creative District Five-Year Work Program, the City has a Creative District Advisory Committee, comprised of 21 individuals representing arts and culture, creative businesses, civic organizations, other city commissions, and at-large members.

For more information, please feel free to contact Economic Development Director, Todd Tatum at 425-771-0251 or at [email protected] or Arts & Culture Manager, Frances Chapin at 425-771-0228 or at [email protected].

Edmonds Creative District - Connect. Create. Inspire. Make a Splash!

Edmonds Creative Businesses

Check out the diverse array of creative-sector businesses (as of 2020) in the Edmonds Creative District!