Conference Schedule

While we put the final touches on the schedule, we've provided the list of sessions and presenters. The schedule and session descriptions will be posted in early June

KEYNOTE Saturday Oct 5

Author Jamie Harrison 

The Center of Everything

The River View: A Jules Clement Novel

Friday Oct 4 half-day workshops

Scene Essentials with Jenny Bartoy

Get Book Doctored with Christine Fairchild

Plot a Page Turner with Kim Purcell

Eight Craft Tricks for Memoirists with Jennifer Leigh Selig

* Saturday Oct 5 & Sunday Oct 6 sessions 

Levels of Editing with Jenny Bartoy

Book Buzz with Mary Boone

Writing Goals in Three Steps with Mary Boone

Research with Nancy Burkhalter

Historical Fiction with Megan Chance

Your Self Publishing Team with Melissa Vail Coffman 

Flash Fiction Primer with Lauren Davis

Characterization through Dialogue with John DeDakis

Novel Basics with John DeDakis  

Mystery Genre Panel Discussion with Dunn, Barrs and Norlander

Off Kiltering with Anne Elliott

Rendering Time with Anne Elliott

First Pages with Christine Fairchild

Got Ideas? with Leslie J Hall

Setting is Your Hook with Glen Erik Hamilton  

Character & Setting with Jamie Harrison & Dane Bahr

Intentional Rewrites with Elena Hartwell

Middles, Why You Gotta Be So Tough? with Elena Hartwell

Novellas with Wendy Kendall

Working with Editors with Cecelia Kennedy

Failure to Launch with Bill Kenower

Five Senses for Memoir with Bill Kenower

Blending Genres with Troy Lambert

Ethical Use of A.I. with Troy Lambert

Hero's Journey with Nicole Maggi

Tell, Don't Show (Sometimes) with Peter Mountford

How to Write a Gripping Scene with Kim Purcell

Emotional Resonance with Jennifer Leigh Selig

Keep Readers Reacting with Eric Witchey

One Tool to Rule Them All with Eric Witchey

* The conference program offers many topics on writing craft in fiction and nonfiction, as well as information regarding editing, publishing and marketing.  We are not offering specific poetry sessions this year as the popular and nearby biennial Skagit River Poetry Festival will be held Oct 3 – 5. 

Sept. 28 Pre-conference Online Sessions

Writing Humor and Other Terrifying Things with Andrew Buckley

Social Media for Authors with Susannah Greenberg

Revising with Focus with Meg Eden Kuyatt

Pitching Your Book with Pam Shepard

Be Your Own Story Doctor with James Wallace

Who Ate Grandma? Using Family Mythology to Write Fiction with Lindsay Wong