Snow Removal Route Map

Snow Removal Route Map
Posted on 12/30/2021

The City of Edmonds Street Maintenance group is now in its fifth day of snow response with plowing, sanding (salt/sand mixture), and other measures initiated in a round-the-clock rotation of 12-hour shifts with City snowplows, sanding trucks, and other incident response and assist vehicles.

• Crews continue to plow and sand roads and have been working 12-hour shifts to provide 24-hour coverage since Christmas night

• Two plows are operating 24hrs/day, a third plow is working 14 hrs/day

• The City’s fleet maintenance crew has kept all vehicles up and running during this snow event

• Approximately 400 tons of sand and 3,000 gallons of anti-ice product have been applied to City roads

This work continues today according to the snow route map shared below and the snow response plan which can be viewed on the Public Works webpage under Winter Storm Response at Public Works and Utilities - City of Edmonds, WA (

snow removal route