Edmonds Extends Grants

Edmonds Extends Grants to More Local Businesses and Households
Posted on 11/05/2021

The Edmonds City Council approved amendments to the Edmonds Rescue Plan Fund Ordinance this past Monday intended to extend COVID-relief grants to even more local Edmonds businesses and households in need.

In July the Edmonds City Council approved the Edmonds Rescue Plan Fund (ERPF), a comprehensive set of programs funded by an allocation of approximately $11.9 million to the City of Edmonds from the federal American Rescue Plan Act, intended to help local communities recover from the COVID-19-related economic crisis.

Business Grants

The ERPF contains a Business Support program, to which $1,125,000 has been allocated to fund general business support activities, tourism support, and small business grants -- the latter with an allocation of $625,000.

In order to be available to even more businesses, one key eligibility criterion has been amended: businesses may have received up to $10,000 in prior grants or other financial assistance instead of the lower $5,000 figure required in the original ordinance.

Grants of up to $10,000 will be available to up to 50 businesses in 2021, with an additional $5,000 available in 2022 for up to 25 businesses.

“The City’s intent with this grant program is to reach those small businesses that were heavily
impacted by the COVID-related economic crisis but may also have been somewhat left behind
in the flurry of financial aid programs that have come out over the past year and a half,” stated
Economic Development and Community Services Director Patrick Doherty.

Eligible businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Have zero to 30 employees
  • Can demonstrate at least a 50% loss in year-over-year revenue by the end of 2020 compared to 2019
  • Have not received more than $10,000 in other grants, tax credits or other financial assistance
  • Must intend to stay in business at least four months after receipt of any grant
All businesses that apply and meet these criteria will be considered. Businesses owned by
people of color, women, veterans, and other minorities, as well as creative-sector
businesses and businesses located beyond Downtown Edmonds will be given particular

Applications may be made on the City’s online portal found at:


Applications must be submitted electronically by 8:00AM, Monday, November 22, 2021 to be

Household Grants

The ERPF also contains a Household Support Program, to which $4,150,000 has been allocated
to fund general household support programs, including an allocation of $3,000,000 for direct
grants of up to $2,500 to help defray costs associated with housing, food, medical bills,
childcare, and other household expenses.

The Council’s latest amendments allow for additional households to qualify for these grants,
with the maximum income eligibility raised to 60% of Edmonds Median Income from the 40%
threshold contained in the original ordinance. The maximum yearly and monthly income
figures are as follows:

  • 5-person household: $67,825/year or $5,652/month
  • 4-person household: $63,147/year or $5,262/month
  • 3-person household: $58,470/year or $4,872/month
  • 2-person household: $52,969/year or $4,414/month
  • 1-person household: $47,672/year or $3,973/month
The City has contracted with two Edmonds-area, nonprofit, social-service agencies,
Communities of Color Coalition and Washington Kids in Transition, to administer this household
grants program. Applications are received on an on-going basis. Applicants can expect to be
contacted within 7-10 days of applying.

Applications for household support grants may be made at: