Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles in Edmonds

Prius EdmondsThrough the Federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program, the City received funding to upgrade standard vehicle purchases to acquire hybrid and electric vehicles for its municipal fleet. By mid-2011, the City had purchased four Toyota Prius hybrids and two Nissan Leaf electric vehicles; these are now part of the city's fleet.

In addition to new replacement vehicles, the City has actively worked to be more efficient in fuel use and conservation. Even without the addition of the new electric vehicles, the current fuel mix for the City's fleet is 60% gasoline, 30% biodiesel, and 10% electricity. The mix will continue to favor biodiesel and electricity in the future, as older vehicles are replaced and more conversions are completed.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In 2011 the City acquired an initial group of six charging stations from Coulomb Technologies' ChargePoint USA program. The stations were offered free of cost, in exchange for the City doing the installation.

The City has recently updated these initial charging stations with new Level 2 chargers from SemaConnect. SemaConnect does not require network membership and will not use users' personal information for anything other than the billing transaction. According to SemaConnect, easy payment methods for the chargers include using the smartphone Plugshare App., paying via the phone number listed on the station, or using a SemaConnect network membership card. The stations are available to the public at these locations:

  • Two - at the Public Safety complex (250 5th Avenue North)
  • Two - on Main Street between 5th and 6th Avenues
  • One - in City Park (entrance on the south side of 3rd Ave South, at 600 3rd Ave S)
  • One - parking lot, south wall City Hall

These charging stations are open to the public. You can check on availability of the stations for charging by viewing the SemaConnect station locator online. You can find out more about SemaConnect by visiting their website.

The Edmonds Public Works Department will continue to research and explore opportunities as EV fast-charging technologies evolve. It is the Department's goal to provide the City with partnership options in the Level 3 fast-charging market during calendar year 2020!

State Electric Highways Project

State Electric Highways Project mapThrough the Electric Highway Project, the State of Washington will partner with private companies to install fast charging infrastructure in critical charging zones in unserved locations along major interstates. Electric vehicle charging every 40 - 60 miles will provide a safety net for EV drivers traveling long distances. The first charging sites will be placed along I-5 north of Everett and south of Centralia. Additional charging infrastructure will be added along US 2 reaching central Washington.

Ultimately the infrastructure will enable electric vehicle drivers to travel the length of the state along the 276 miles of I-5 between Washington's borders with Oregon and Canada.

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