Climate Action

Global climate change is a reality and represents an ever-increasing threat to the health and well-being of citizens of Edmonds and beyond. Climate change-primarily in the form of atmospheric warming caused by an increase in the level of greenhouse gasses-is estimated by the World Health Organization to be directly responsible for approximately 150,000 deaths per year globally--a number that is expected to increase as our planet continues to warm due to rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Edmonds has taken strong actions to locally address the causes of climate change by reducing use of fossil fuels through substituting renewable energy resources supplied to public buildings, improvement of energy efficiency of public buildings, establishment of strong codes for the design and construction of new and remodeled buildings to meet green building standards, support of the Safe Energy Leadership Alliance ("SELA") opposition to transport of crude oil by rail, and many other actions.

The City of Edmonds has recently begun a new project to evaluate our community's contribution to climate change and to identify actions the City can undertake to minimize actions that contribute to global climate change. The current project currently includes the following activities:

  1. Green House Gas (GHG) Inventory
  2. Establishing Targets for GHG Reduction
  3. Reviewing and Updating Policies, Programs, and Actions to Reduce GHG Emissions
  4. Developing a tool and measures for tracking GHG emissions
  5. Updating the Climate Action Plan

In 2017, the Edmonds City Council adopted Resolution No. 1389 committing the City of Edmonds to achieve or exceed at the local level the goals established in the Paris Climate Agreement. This website is intended to provide information related to various climate action activities the City of Edmonds is pursuing, including the items identified above, as well as other initiatives the City undertakes to alleviate the climate change.