Actions You Can Take

Edmonds' 2023 Climate Action Plan highlights the most effective steps individuals, households, and organizations in Edmonds can take. This list is not exhaustive but emphasizes actions with the greatest potential to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Not all actions apply to all of our community; pursue those most relevant to you. 

  1. Replace fossil-fuel burning heating, hot water, and cooking appliances with efficient electric alternatives.
  2. Reduce vehicle trips by taking transit, telecommuting, biking, or walking.
  3. Replace fossil-fuel burning vehicles with electric vehicles.
  4. Conserve energy whenever possible, especially from fossil fuels.

Find more individual actions in the Climate Action Plan.

Climate Committee

The Mayors' Climate Protection Committee meets the first Thursday of the month from 11 am - 12 pm in the Fourtner Room ~ 3rd Floor of Edmonds City Hall, 121 5th Avenue North.(Meetings subject to change... please contact Carolyn LaFave for meeting schedule.)

Mayor's office contacts

Mayor Mike Nelson [email protected]

Carolyn LaFave, Executive Assistant to the Mayor
[email protected]

Phone: 425.771.0247
Fax: 425.771.0252

Committee members


  • Steven Cristol
  • Dawna Lahti
  • Hank Landau
  • Cynthia Pruitt
  • David Schaefer
  • Angela Winzen
  • Susan Paine ~ Council Rep

City Staff:

  • Susan McLaughlin, Planning and Development Director
  • Tristan Sewell, Planner
  • Sarah Brinkley, Lead Custodian