Curbside Recycling

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When is CURBSIDE RECYCLING collected and what items are accepted?

  • Curbside recycling is collected every other week on the same day as your garbage collection and for single-family residents and multi-family properties it is automatically included with garbage service.
  • The companies supply a calendar schedule and a large wheeled upright cart to collect the recycling. Please call your area's company to start this service and receive their list of acceptable materials.
  • All accepted materials can be placed into the cart together. Your company may accept a few more materials than you see listed below.

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  • The following materials are accepted by all of the Edmonds companies in the curbside recycling:


    • Newspaper & advertising inserts
    • Junk mail & envelopes
    • Cereal & dry food boxes
    • Magazines, catalogs and phone books
    • Frozen food boxes
    • Juice Boxes
    • Milk, soy milk and broth cartons
    • Office & printing paper
    • Wrapping paper (non-foil)
    • Old calendars, maps and posters

CARDBOARD - please empty & flatten boxes first!


    • All plastic bottles, jugs & jars - no caps or lids
    • Round dairy tubs (yogurt, margarine, etc.)


GLASS BOTTLES & JARS - no caps,lids, or any other type glass

SCRAP METAL - limit 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft., 35 lbs. No sharp or greasy metal

Note: NO PLASTIC BAGS ALLOWED - please take any unwanted plastic bags back to the major grocery stores that offer free collection bins for their customers.