When will my road be resurfaced?

Every two years, the City collects the pavement rating data for each City street and all stretches are ranked based on their pavement conditions. When funding becomes available, the highest ranked stretches are inserted into an annual overlay program (based on total amount budgeted). Since 2013, the City has been running an annual Overlay Program (through City funds and/or grant funds). Check out the City's overlay program webpage for more info: www.overlays.edmondswa.gov

Can we install stop signs to slow traffic?

Stop signs are intended to help drivers and pedestrians determine who has the right-of-way at an intersection. Stop signs are installed where accidents or other data show that drivers are not observing the right-of-way rule under State law. Edmonds, like many jurisdictions, does not install stop signs to slow traffic. When stop signs are installed as "speed breakers", accidents don't decrease, and sometimes increase.

Who is responsible for clearing vegetation along sidewalks?

The property owner, when sidewalk abuts the property, is responsible to clear any vegetation encroaching upon any part of the sidewalk (see Section 9.25 of the Edmonds City Code).

Are bicyclists allowed to ride in crosswalks?

Yes. In crosswalks, bicyclists have the same rights as pedestrians. However, bicyclists are required to yield to pedestrians.

What is Emergency Vehicle (EV) Preemption and how does it work?

EV Preemption is designed and operated to give the most important classes of vehicles the right of way at and through a signal. This right of way is usually achieved with a green indication on the approach of the vehicle requesting preemption. At signalized intersections, EV preemption is used by fire engines (responding to an emergency) because the size of their vehicles makes them less able to move through traffic without the aid of preemption. Signal preemption controls the movement of traffic that is of greater importance then the general vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Preemption is necessary to avoid collisions. The figure below shows an example of preemption, with instant communication between the fire truck and the traffic signal.
EV Preempt

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