Job Descriptions

City of Edmonds Job Descriptions

The City of Edmonds develops Job Descriptions for all positions within the City. Use the menu to select the appropriate group and then view all available job descriptions for that group.

Salary ranges can be accessed by going back to "Human Resources and selecting the "Salaries and Wages" menu item on the left.

Law Support wages were updated with the 1/1/2020 contract, ratified in June of 2021. Non Represented wages were updated effective 2/1/2022 following a compensation study. The listed grades below are accurate but may not yet be reflected on the Job Description.

Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions.

Non-Represented Positions Pay Grade
Administrative Services Director1 NR-44
Arts & Cultural Services Program Manager NR-35
Assistant Police Chief NR-44
Associate Engineer NR-33
Associate Planner NR-33
Associate Transportation Planner NR-33
Building Official NR-39
Capital Projects Manager NR-36
City Clerk NR-37
City Engineer NR-43
Community Services & Economic Development Director NR-44
Court Administrator NR-43
Deputy Director Administrative Services2 NR-41
Deputy Parks & Recreation Director NR-41
Development Services Director NR-44
Engineering Program Manager II NR-38
Environmental Programs Manager NR-37
Executive Assistant - Confidential NR-33
Executive Assistant to the Mayor NR-34
Facilities Manager NR-38
Fleet Manager NR-37
Human Resources Analyst NR-32
Human Resources Director NR-44
Information Services Manager NR-41
Parks Maintenance Manager NR-35
Park Planner & Capital Project Manager NR-38
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director NR-44
Permitting Supervisor NR-32
Planning Manager NR-40
Police Chief NR-47
Public Works & Utilities Director NR-45
Recreation Supervisor NR-35
Safety & Disaster Coordinator NR-34
Senior Human Resources Analyst NR-34
Senior Planner NR-35
Senior Utilities Engineer NR-41
Stormwater Engineer NR-38
Street & Storm Water Manager NR-40
Transportation Engineer NR-39
Urban Forester Planner NR-35
Water & Sewer Manager NR-40
WWTP Manager NR-41
WWTP Supervisor NR-37

Replaces Finance Director as of 5/18/2021
Replaces Assistant Finance Director as of 5/18/2021


Teamsters Positions Pay Grade
Building Maintenance Operator J
Cemetery Sexton K
City Electrician M
Custodian C
Field Arborist K
Lead Custodian G
Maintenance Custodian D
Mechanic J
Parks Maintenance Lead Worker M
Parks Maintenance Mechanic J
Parks Maintenance Worker F
Senior Mechanic K
Senior Parks Maintenance Worker H
Senior Sewer Maintenance Worker I
Senior Storm Maintenance Worker H
Senior Storm Maintenance/GIS Worker J
Senior Street Maintenance Worker H
Senior Street Maintenance Worker - Cement Finisher K
Senior Water Maintenance Worker H
Senior WWTP Maintenance Worker H
Sewer Maintenance Lead Worker M
Sewer Maintenance Worker G
Storm Maintenance Worker F
Stormwater Maintenance Lead Worker M
Street Maintenance Lead Worker M
Street Maintenance Worker F
Traffic Control Technician J
Water Maintenance Lead Worker M
Water Maintenance Worker G
Water Meter Reader E
Water Quality Control Technician K
WWTP Instrument Technician/Plant Electrician L
WWTP Sr. Instrument Technician/Plant Electrician M
WWTP Lab Technician L
WWTP Lead Operator M
WWTP Maintenance Mechanic J
WWTP Maintenance Worker G
WWTP Operator K
WWTP Pre-Treatment Technician L
WWTP Senior Mechanic K



AFSCME Council 2 Positions Pay Grade
Accountant NE-14
Accounting Specialist - AP/AR NE-9
Accounting Specialist - Payroll NE-9
Accounting Specialist - Utility Billing NE-9
Administrative Assistant - Admin Services NE-9
Administrative Assistant - Development Services NE-9
Administrative Assistant - Engineering NE-9
Administrative Assistant - General NE-9
Administrative Assistant - Planning NE-9
Administrative Assistant - Public Works NE-9
Building Inspector NE-11*
Code Enforcement Officer NE-12
Combination Building Inspector NE-12**
Community Services Program Coordinator NE-12
Communications Strategist/Public Information Officer NR-10 1
Court Clerk NE-7
Cultural Arts Program Specialist NE-8
Deputy City Clerk NE-11
Engineering Technician I NE-10
Engineering Technician II NE-11
Engineering Technician III NE-13
Environmental Education & Sustainability Coordinator NE-13
Executive Assistant - Parks & Recreation & Cultural Services NE-10
Executive Assistant - Public Works NE-10
Financial Manager for Public Works and Utilities NE-14
GIS Analyst NE-14
Human Services Program Manager NR-10 1
Information Systems Specialist NE-13
Lead Court Clerk NE-9
Office Coordinator (WWTP) NE-10
Permit Coordinator NE-9
Permit Coordinator - Development Services (.50 FTE) NE-9
Plans Examiner NE-12*
Probation Officer NE-10
Program Assistant - Parks & Rec NE-8
Public Records Associate NE-9
Public Records Officer NE-11 
Recreation Coordinator NE-13
Recreation Leader - Day Camp NE-2
Recreation Leader - Gymnastics NE-2
Recreation Leader - Interpretive Specialist NE-2
Recreation Leader - Preschool NE-2
Senior Combination Building Inspector NE-14
Senior Construction Inspector NE-13
Senior Office Specialist - Admin Services NE-6
Senior Office Specialist - Parks  NE-6
Senior Permit Coordinator NE-11
Senior Plans Examiner NE-13
Storm Water Technician NE-11
Systems Support Technician2 NE-12
Web Systems Analyst NE-12

1These positions were originally placed on the non-represented scale but have since been accreted by the union.
Replaces PC Support Technician as of 5/18/2021


Police Pay Grade
Police Officer, 2nd &1st Class NE 9 / NE 11
Police Corporal NE 12
Police Sergeant NE 13
Specialty Assignment - Detective Premium



Police Support Pay Grade
Administrative Assistant (part-time) NE-6
Parking Enforcement Officer(part time) NE-6
Police Services Assistant NE-7
Police Services Assistant (Sr.)* NE-8
Property Officer NE-9
Animal Control/Ordinance Enforcement Officer NE-10
Domestic Violence Coordinator(part time) NE-10
Crime Prevention/Community Engagement Officer NE-11
Sr. Animal Control/Ordinance Enforcement Officer NE-11
 *Police Services Assistant (PSA) shall progress to a Sr. Police Services Assistant after 3 years of satisfactory performance as a PSA. Progression to a Senior PSA shall be a cost neutral progression. Employee will advance from a range 7 to a range 8 and shall move back one step.