Virtual Birding Tours


Winter Birding in the Skagit Valley
Featuring Bev Bowe
Filmed, edited and produced by Lilly Huth and Jeff Huth (2022)

Winter is one of the most exciting times to go birding Washington State, and the Skagit Valley offers some of the best birding around. Just an hour's drive north of Edmonds, the Skagit Valley is home to vast wintering flocks of tundra and trumpeter swans, as well as lesser snow geese that migrate to Washington all the way from Wrangell Island Russia. Bird Fest Planning Committee members Jeff and Lilly Huth teemed up with Master Birder Bev Bowe to create a breathtaking virtual tour that captures the beauty of these massive flocks and shows you where to go to experience them yourself. 

Jetty Island

Birding Beyond Edmonds
Featuring Bev Bowe
Filmed, edited and produced by Lilly Huth and Jeff Huth (2021)

You don't need to travel far from Edmonds to get to some of the most exciting birding destinations in the Puget Sound. Three talented members of our Bird Fest Planning Committee set out to take you on a video tour of four of their favorite birding spots within an hour's drive of Edmonds. They headed east, west, north, and south for adventures by car, foot, and ferry to create this fun and informative guide on where to go Birding Beyond Edmonds.


woman in park

Accessible Yost Park
A Guided Walk with Bev Bowe
Filmed, edited and produced by Jenn Leach (2020)

Follow Master Birder Bev Bowe as she explores the accessible trails of one of Edmonds most diverse forested parks. Discover some of our favorite residents and migrants through her informative narration, stunning photography,  and sounds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 



Four Seasons at the Edmonds Marsh
Produced by Lilly Huth with photos by Bill Anderson (2020)



The Wild Residents of Yost and Pine Ridge Parks
Produced by Lilly Huth using photographs by Finn Garaas (2020)

Recorded Presentations

Community Science Presentations, Chaired by Alan Mearns (2021 Bird Fest) Community volunteers drive our understanding of what’s happening to birds. Join this mini bird science symposium to learn how recent community science teams have been learning about local seabirds, marsh birds and residential neighborhood birds…and especially how you can help! Access this recording here .

Community Science Presentations, Chaired by Alan Mearns (2020 Bird Fest)
Find out what’s happening with birds in our region. Leaders from three community science projects will present 20-minute talks addressing the purpose of their project, how citizens have been involved, what they are learning about the status and trends of our bird life. Click here to access the recording

Digiscoping Basics made Easy, by Jeff Bouton in partnership with Seattle Audubon (2020 Bird Fest)
Digiscoping allows photographers to capture incredible wildlife imagery & video footage using the high magnification of a spotting scope with some form of digital imaging device; in its simplest and most commonly practiced form, using your smart phone.  Join Jeff Bouton with Kowa Sporting Optics to learn a few simple tricks and understanding how to maximize your resultsto be a better digiscoper. Click here to access the recording