Edmonds Household Support Grants

The City of Edmonds is offering Household Support Grants to qualifying Edmonds residents to help meet continuing impacts from and needs associated with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Up to $2,500 grants are available to help defray expenses such as rent, childcare, utilities, medical bills, car repair bills, or other household expenses.  The two principal eligibility criteria are: 1) residence in Edmonds city limits, and 2) the household earns no more than 60% of the Edmonds median income.  The income break-down for household size is as follows:

8-person: $81,858/year or $6,821/month
7-person: $77,180/year or $6,432/month 
6-person: $72,503/year or $6,042/month 
5-person: $67,825/year or $5,652/month
4-person: $63,147/year or $5,262/month
3-person: $58,470/year or $4,872/month
2-person: $52,969/year or $4,414/month
1-person: $47,672/year or $3,973/month

If you and your household meet these criteria, please fill out the following application.  You will be contacted within approximately ten business days by one of the two agencies working under contract for the City of Edmonds (Communities of Color Coalition "C3" or Washington Kids in Transition) for any follow-up details to process your grant request.  

Household Support Grant Application






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