Permitting During COVID-19

Development Services Phased Reopening

Beginning July 12th, the Development Services Department, Engineering Division, and permitting services will begin a phased reopening of in-person services. Health and safety protocols will be followed consistent with the rules established for all City buildings.
At this time, City Hall is open to the public from 10am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. Development Services and permitting customers can do drop-in, in-person service on Wednesdays only. On other days, customers can call Development Services reception (425.771.0220) to obtain assistance with digital and online services, as well as finding out whether an in-person appointment can be arranged. We encourage you to continue to use the various remote and online services available to conduct development and permitting business with the City, including online and digital resources, remote Zoom meetings, and email and telephone conversations. This is expected to be the primary way we conduct most business in the future, since all of our permitting activities are now digital and online; paper applications and plans are no longer in use. Because many City staff are continuing to work remotely, it is not possible to have drop-in, in-person service on most days at the present time; This will change as our phased reopening continues.

Development Services Information and Assistance: 

   Phone… 425.771.0220

Search for existing permit records:
    Permit Records Search

General Permit Assistance:
    Permit Assistance page

Building and Land Use Applications:
Apply for Building Permits and Land Use applications online at: Welcome to MBP | MBP (

Schedule your inspection online at: Inspection Scheduling (

Engineering Permits:
Right-of-Way, Side Sewer and Streatery Permits are NOT on My Building Permit yet. Please email your application and applicable documents to