Biking and Walking in Edmonds



The City of Edmonds supports walking and biking as safe, healthy and attractive alternatives to driving.  To make biking and walking easier, the City updated in 2009 the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan (as part of the 2009 Transportation Plan).  The plan identifies many different walkway and bicycle projects that, when funded, would make biking and walking in Edmonds safer and easier.  The Walkway Map and Bicycle Map show the existing facilities as well as the proposed facilities that the City would incorporate in future projects.  Appendix D of the Transportation Plan has a description of each proposed walkway project identified in the map.




- Edmonds Existing and Recommended Bicycle Routes/Paths

- Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group

- Local Rides

- Basics in Bicycling - Edmonds School District Program


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- Edmonds Existing and Recommended Walkways

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- Third Thursday Art Walk





In 2011, three non-motorized transportation projects are being constructed:

  • 226th St SW Walkway project:  Sidewalk from SR-104 to 105th Pl W on 226th St SW, creating a safe pedestrian school route from SR-104 to Sherwood Elementary.
  • Interurban Trail project:  Non-motorized path, connecting the missing link of the trail between Shoreline and Mountlake Terrace.  Bicycle lanes will be added along 76th Ave W and 228th St SW.
  • Shell Valley project:  Non-motorized path/emergency vehicle access from Main Street to Pioneer Way.

The City continues to look for funding opportunities to improve non-motorized transportation throughout the City.