What is Taming Bigfoot?
What is Taming Bigfoot?

Taming Bigfoot Edmonds is a team-based Carbon Footprint Reduction Competition designed to engage Edmonds Community Members in supporting the City of Edmonds commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of this fun, friendly competition is to increase awareness of the impact that our lifestyles have upon carbon emissions. The program is based upon a successful Taming Bigfoot Competition held in Jefferson County in 2016. A Steering Committee leads this community effort under the aegis of the City of Edmonds Climate Protection Committee and the Interfaith Climate Action Group.

How does it work?

Members of the community form teams composed ideally from seven diversified players. Team members are expected to: participate in meetings, sessions, and ceremonies; record their carbon-related behaviors; and engage in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Organizers will make the final determination of participating teams. There are no limits to the number of teams that may participate.

Over a three-month period, individual team members track five categories of personal carbon-related behaviors, including: home energy use; home water use; transportation; waste generation & landfill disposal; and shopping & food consumption. These items are recorded using a monthly tally sheet by the individual. A team leader enters individual scores (using tally sheets), calculating individual carbon footprints. The sum of the individual carbon footprints make up the team’s carbon footprint. In the first month, the team establishes a baseline footprint. Information and calculations will be made available to all participants. 

The first month’s activity will have team members establish their baseline of their current footprint. From the baseline, teams will work to reduce their carbon footprint in the second and third months. Progress will be reported in March before the push to the finish line near Earth Day in April. Awards will recognize teams, individuals, and other special winners.