Engineering Information and References

The Engineering Division performs reviews and inspections on a variety of private development projects.  Permits are issued for improvements on private property as well as within the City right-of-way. 

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Please refer to Applications & Forms for permit applications, Bond Forms, Records Requests, etc.

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Edmonds Standard Details
are also provided on our website in both AutoCAD and PDF formats.

Civil construction plans are to be submitted for all Commercial, Multi-family and Subdivision development projects.  We also encourage you to submit civil construction plans for new single family residential projects.  The following information will assist with the preparation of civil construction plans. 

Civil Plan Information & Fees

Codes and References

Print on 24 x 36 sheets

    comp plan icon Stormwater Code - ECDC 18.30    


Scale at 1" = 20'     pdf icon Stormwater Code Supplement    


Include Civil Plan Sheet Index     comp plan icon Low Impact Development    


Include Utility Purveyor Information     comp plan icon Depart of Ecology - LID Resources webpage    

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Signature block: Approved by Engineering Division     pdf icon Waste & Recycling for Contractors - Q & A    

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Construction Sequence

    comp plan icon Engineering Handouts    

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General Construction Notes

    comp plan icon Applications & Forms    
pdf icon General Facility Charges     pdf icon Residential Fire Sprinkler System Ordinance    
Policies   Maps  
pdf icon Water Outage Policy and Sample Notice     i-map Water Utility District Map    
pdf icon Policy on Stormwater Pumping Systems     i-map Sewer Utility District Map    
pdf icon Permeable Pavement Policy            

The Engineering Division development team is here to assist you!  Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have.