What is LiDAR?

LiDAR is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. In brief, it is a remote sensing technology that uses aircraft-mounted lasers to measure topography on the ground. Edmonds' LiDAR data was gathered in early 2005; a report summarizing the project can be found here.

Topographic Section Maps

Individual maps showing 2-foot topographic contours of the city derived from our LiDAR survey are available by clicking on the desired area on the map grid (below). In addition to the topographic contours, the individual section maps also show features such as streets, property lines, etc.

Important note: These maps have been provided for general informational purposes. The data utilized comes from a variety of governmental sources and the City does not warrant it's accuracy.


S18_T27_R4 S17_T27_R4
S24_T27_R3 S19_T27_R4
S26_T27_R3 S25_T27_R3 S30_T27_R4 S29_T27_R4
S36_T27_R3 S31_T27_R4 S32_T27_R4


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