Sound Salmon 5 - 9


Sound Salmon is a one-hour classroom visit for grades 5-9 by a Discovery Programs Ranger-Naturalist.  For grade 5 the program aligns with the Washington State Social Studies CBAs. Using a colorful and dynamic projected computer presentation, we will review the salmon life cycle, and reveal the role of humans historically and presently in causing or preventing extinctions.


Students then participate in a salmon life cycle role play, starting as eggs in one nest, and suffering losses to predators and disease as they journey into the northern Pacific Ocean and back, until only one pair survives the journey to the spawning grounds.


In the final part of the program students engage in a role play activity where they represent stakeholders who must make decisions that affect salmon and their habitat and learn the possible outcomes of those decisions, including possible options for and outcomes of breaching the four dams on the lower Snake River.


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