Engineering is responsible for city infrastructure improvements and the review of public development projects.  The division provides design and construction management services, including field inspection for the City's captial construction.  It determines development standards and ensures compliance in the private construction of utilities and roads.  The division plans for long-range capital and infrastructure needs for transportation, stormwater management, water, and sewer.  It prepares and administers consultant contracts and construction contract bidding documents. 


Transportation Planning - Includes administrative and engineering duties including comprehensive transporation system planning, budget management, design of improvements and regulation of development.
Stormwater Management - Long range planning, design and construction management of public storm system improvements and extenstions.  Development regulations have been established to ensure comliance with the Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit, issued by the Deparment of Ecology.
Water and Sewer System Planning - Long range planning, design and construction management of public water and sewer system improvements and extensions.
Capital Improvement Program - Engineering Division staff manages the planning, development and implementation of city funded capital improvement projects for teh city's transportation, water, sewer, stormwater managnement and facilities improvement projects.

Development / Inspection - Engineering Division staff reviews plans and performs inspections on all development projects that affect City infrastructure.  All materials and work shall conform to City of Edmonds Standard Plans and Details, the current editions of the International Building Code (IBC), WSDOT/APWA Standard Specifications and WA Deparmtent of Ecology Stormwater Management Manuals for the Puget Sound Basin, as well as other applicalbe local municipal, State and Federal codes, rules and regulations.