New Public Art Project 2

DaleytoECA2Luminous Forest by artist Iole Alessandrini was developed for the City of Edmonds Arts Commission 4th Avenue North Interim Art Project to highlight the Arts Corridor between Main Street and the Edmonds Center for the Arts. 

An installation of 177 solar LED lights in the 4th Avenue North roadway references Edmonds history, topography, and seasonal change. 

History: The points of light depict the old growth forest prior to the founding of Edmonds and its logging industry, as well as to the changing orientation of the city street grid from horse-drawn wagon trails and railroads to paved streets with advent of the automobile.

Topography: The original street grid in Edmonds paralleled the waterfront, designed to facilitate the harvest of trees in the shingle mills that stretched along the shoreline from one end of the city to the other. As Edmonds grew, new streets were built on the North/South-East/West grid system. The placement of the lights in diagonal strands overlays a North/South-East/West grid onto the roadway that still runs along the original waterfront parallel grid. 

How it works: Solar radiation on the solar cells charge the batteries during daylight hours. When the sun sets, a photo cell senses the onset of darkness and switches on the LEDs. At sunrise the photo cell senses the light and switches the LEDs off.

IMG 1124

The lights will remain installed until the City repaves the road at some point within the next few years. The project was selected through the public art process and included input from the 4th Avenue Advisory Committee. It was funded by the City of Edmonds Percent for Art program with matching funds from the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation.