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Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is made up of the units listed below.

The division is overseen by Assistant Chief Don Anderson. He can be contacted at 425-771-0204 or

Investigations Unit

The Edmonds Police Department Investigation Unit is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, Detective Corporal and five detectives with one detective assigned to the South Snohomish County Narcotics Task Force. Each detective in the investigations unit is assigned to work on a specific crime, i.e. Burglary/Theft, Crimes Against Persons, Sexual Assault/Child/Elder Abuse, Identity Theft/Forgery, and Auto Theft/Vehicle Prowls.  

Detective Sergeant Mike Richardson is responsible for approval of all police reports generated in the police department. Once the report has been approved, if there is further investigation required, the Detective Sergeant will assign the case out for follow up. Detective Sergeant Richardson can be reached at 425-775-7727 and also at

Detective Corporal Mark Froland is primarily responsibile for the investigation of property crimes to include; vehicle theft, vehicle prowls, and other theft reports. The Detective Corporal also fills in for the Detective Sergeant when they are not available. Detective Corporal Froland can be reached at 425.771.0271 and also at

Detective Andy Mehl is responsible for cases involving Crimes Against Persons (serious assault, homicide) He can be reached at 425-771-0285 or via email at

Detective Stacie Trykar is responsible for cases involving Crimes Against Persons (serious assaults, sexual assaults, cases involving CPS (Child Protective Services) and APS (Adult Protective Services), and RSO's (Registered Sex Offenders). Registered Sex Offender information can be found at the following link, Detective Trykar can be reached at 425-771-0288 or via email at

Detective Ryan Speer is responsible for cases involving Burglaries and Thefts. Detective Speer can be reached at 425-771-0283 or by email at

Detective Julie Govantes also works cases involving Burglaries and Thefts.  She can be reached at 425-771-0280 or be email at

Detective Steve Morrison is primarily responsible for investigating Frauds and Identity Theft. Detective Morrison can be reached at 425-771-0286 or by e-mail at

Records Unit

Police investigations are documented with a computer generated incident report assigned a unique number according to the calendar year the incident is filed. A digital version of the incident report is submitted for processing and may include victim and witness statements, officers' reports, arrest records, as well as documented pieces of evidence. Every year the officers of the Edmonds Police Department generate approximately 5,000 new case files. Each one of these files is tracked and managed by our record clerks, retained according to particular investigative requirements and then archived as required by state law.

Public Disclosure

Included in the records unit is one staff assistant assigned to Public Records Disclosure.

The City of Edmonds uses an online program to process public disclosure requests (GovQA).  This allows us to complete requests in the most effecient manner possible.  We encourage anyone making a request to use that method when submitting requests for records to the city.

If you are not able to do so, you may still complete our specific public disclosure request form in person at the police department.  

All public disclosure requests must be in written format.  This is done to ensure we get an accuarte request of what documents you are looking to obtain.

To make a public disclosure request using our web portal:  Click Here

The supervisor of the Records Unit is Sergeant Shane Hawley.  Sergeant Hawley can be reached at 425-771-0284 or at

Professional Standards Unit

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for several critical functions in the department and is overseen by Sergeant Josh McClure.

Sergeant Josh McClure is tasked with maintaining department accreditation standards, internal affairs investigations, recruiting/hiring for all positions in the department, background investigations for prospective department employees, is the secondary Public Information Officer (Media Relations), maintaining and updating the department policy manual, and supervises the Training Unit.  Sgt. McClure can be reached at 425-275-4615 or at

For Hiring Information Click Here.

Property Management Unit

The Edmonds Police Department Evidence and Property Unit is tasked with receiving, securing, tracking, and making available for prosecution every individual piece of stored property and physical evidence seized during the course of criminal investigations. This is an ongoing operation as new evidence is received on a daily basis while currently maintained property is released or disposed of according to state law. Currently, the police department is in possession of over 12,000 individual pieces of evidence, each one tracked by an assigned, unique evidence number associated with a respective investigation case number.

Lynnette Mandeville is currently our property room officer.  She can be reached at 425-771-0200.

Training Unit

The Training Unit has the primary responsibility for the training of all department personnel, from date of hire to retirement.

Department training is continually reviewed to ensure that it meets legal requirements, accreditation standards, best practices, and mission of the police department. As this is a critical position in the department a Corporal is responsible for the training requirements.

The duties of the Training Unit include:

• Developing training and lesson plans for department provided training.
• Overseeing the orientation, Basic Academy training and Field Training for newly hired officers.
• Scheduling and administration of training provided by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, and other providers.
• Maintaining records of training for all personnel.
• Providing for In Service training.
• Project management and administration of department technology initiatives.

Currently Corporal Aaron Greenmun is assigned as the Training Corporal. Corporal Greenmun can be contacted at 425.771.0275, or at

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