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We respond to media requests as early as possible, release public safety information in a timely manner and accommodate other media requests when needed. It’s our goal to provide timely information of value to the community, while complying with public disclosure laws and protecting the integrity of criminal investigations.



Media relations is currently assigned to our Administrative Sergeant, Shane Hawley. The job of PIO is just one of his assigned duties and though he makes every attempt to respond to your needs as promptly as possible your patience may be required at times. He can be reached during regular business hours at 425-771-0284 or by Email at  After hours inquires should be directed to his Email address and will normally be responded to the following morning unless it pertains to an incident he was called in from home for.



Requests for general information regarding an incident or program can be made by calling the department PIO during regular business hours. The Edmonds Police Department maintains a Police Blotter for media representatives at the front counter of our station and this is updated daily with a summary of the calls and incidents we have responded to. Copies of press releases will be archived and posted on this web page as they are released.



In an effort to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Public Records Act and relevant Washington State Public Records Laws, requests for copies of police reports or information beyond the scope of the information provided by the PIO, should be made to our Public Records Clerk. Requests for records can be made in person, in writing, by telephone, fax or Email. To ensure accuracy in the completion of your request, using the City of Edmonds Request for Public Records form will assist us in fulfilling your request.  Click Here to downoad a Public Records Request Form 


The designated department Public Information Officer may distribute press releases for the following reasons:

  • To notify the media of an upcoming event or press conference.
  • To provide detailed information either separate from or in conjunction with a press conference.
  • To seek media assistance with:
    • Missing children
    • Missing elderly
    • Missing impaired person
    • To advise of a matter of public safety or traffic concern.
  • To announce personnel changes such as promotions, transfers, awards and commendations or to advise of a department community program.


Recent press releases are available in PDF format and can be found in the upper right corner of this page and on the main press release page.



  • Victim or witness identities.
  • Identity of juveniles (individuals under 18 years of age).
  • Identity of deceased persons (must be obtained from the ME’s office).
  • Criminal History information of any person.
  • Medical condition/information of any person.
  • Results of any investigative procedure such as line-ups, interviews/interrogations, polygraph tests, toxicology tests, etc.
  • Information which, if prematurely released, may interfere with an investigation or apprehension of a suspect, such as the nature of leads, specifics of an “MO”, details of the crime known only to the perpetrator or police, information that may cause the suspect to flee to avoid arrest.
  • Evidence information that could adversely affect a court proceeding.
  • Status of persons turned over to Mental Health Services or Child Protective Services.
  • Booking Photos or “Mug shots”.
  • Video surveillance footage is not routinely released and is considered evidence in an investigation. If public assistance will aid in the investigation the video footage may be released to the media at the investigators discretion.

Police Press Releases








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