Crime / Workload Statistics

2017 Edmonds Police Annual Report Trends

This is the secondyear of reporting crime statistics under Federal reporting standards. In years past, we reported based on Washington State criteria.  Due to this change, it is difficult to compare previous years statistics, as each system reports differently.  For example; Under the state system, we reported the "highest level crime" in each incident.  If a burglar was arrested and charged with a felony, any associated misdemeanor crimes also committed were not reported.  Under the new Federal guidelines, every crime that occurred, regardless of severity, is reported.  Our 2017 Annual Report contains much more detail (page 4) related to the new reporting system.  It also has links to both reporting manuals if you want further specifics.

Burglary and motor vehicle theft continue to be issues and of concern, not only in Edmonds but also regionally.  However, reported vehicle thefts decreased in from 94 in 2016, to 81 in 2017. Unfortunately, the number of burglary cases went up from 162 in 2016 to 174 in 2017.  The number of reported thefts (larceny) cases dropped dramatically from 938 in 2016 to 663 in 2017.  Vehicle prowl cases were down as well, from 320 in 2016 to 199 in 2017. 

Agravated assaults decreased to 37 total, but the number of robbery complaints increased to 25.  There were no murders in 2017.

Traffic collisions continue to increase (804 to 854).  Thankfully, we had zero reported fatalities in 2017 due to motor vehicle crashes.  We issued 4,794 traffic related citations and infractions and more DUI drivers were taken off the road than in years past (111 in 2017 vs. 94 in 2016).


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