Flower program

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 Beautiful hanging flower baskets and corner parks bursting with color are a sure sign that spring has arrived  in Edmonds. 

Initiated in the mid-1970's as an element of the Street Beautification Program, the City's floral displays are aided by Edmonds' mild marine climate which is suitable for a broad range of ornamental plants.

Over 20,000 plants are used in the overall flower program.  The flowers selected must tolerate extreme weather conditions yet remain colorful from May to mid September. New color combinations and plant materials are developed yearly based on hardiness, ease of care, and performance. The flowers that adorn the hanging baskets and corner parks are grown from seed in City greenhouses.

Each spring, City staff and community volunteers work together to begin planting the parks and hanging baskets.  To volunteer call 425.771.0230 ext 1383.

 Instructions for Creating Edmonds Flower Basket

City Staff and Volunteer Planting Days

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Gateway Plantings

Gateway planting can be found at the following location:
- Edmonds Way & 5th Ave S

Ferry Triangles 

Flower Baskets & Corner Parks 

Adopt-A-Flower Basket Program

The Adopt-A-Flower Basket Program is an opportunity for businesses and citizens to make an investment in our community by adopting a flower basket for one season donation of $100 per basket.  The donation helps offset the cost of the City's flower program. 

Donors will select the basket location and the City plants and maintains the basket.  Once the baskets are placed in June, the City will mark the basket with the donor's information.  Staff maintain over 140 baskets.  Call 425.771.0230 for more information.

2021 Adopt-A-Flower Basket brochure coming early next year! 

Adopt-A-Corner Park Program

Make an investment in your community.  Your donation helps offset the cost of the City's flower program.  Call 425.771.0230 for more information.

2021 Adopt-A-Corner Park brochure coming early next year!

Did you know that Edmonds has a city flower?
Flower lovers of the City will be interested to know that the official flower of Edmonds is the dahlia.  A poll of residents was taken on one occasion, with the result being that the dahlia and the rose finished in a dead heat.  In February 1925, the Floretum Garden Club took action recommending that the dahlia be chosen, and it was so designated by the city council.  This information is found the book "Edmonds, The Gem of Puget Sound" by Ray Cloud.  Flower enthusiasts, and all citizens are encouraged to learn about, plant and share dahlias around town to support this historical decision of decades past.

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