Visit a Park
Visit an Edmonds park today! Playgrounds, walking trails, picnic shelters, beaches, scenic views of Puget Sound and more! Our 23 city parks include more than 325 acres of parkland and 1,000 feet of waterfront shoreline.  Wondering if it's high tide or low tide?  View current tide table here.
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Park Rules
Park in designated areas only. The following activities are prohibited in all city parks, beaches and playgrounds, unless otherwise posted:

Alcohol Possession
Discharge of Firearms
Disorderly Conduct
Collecting shells, marine life, or driftwood
Fires or Camping*
Unleashed Animals*
*Unless otherwise posted.

  • Bracket North
  • Bracket South
  • City Park
  • Civic Center
  • Hickman Park
  • Hummingbird Park
  • Hutt Park
  • Haines Wharf
  • Marina Beach
  • Edmonds Marsh
  • Mathay Ballinger Park
  • Mini Park
  • Olympic Beach
  • Pine Street Park
  • Seaview Park
  • Sierra Park
  • Stamm Park
  • Sunset Beach
  • Yost Park

Minimizing Pesticide Use in Parks

The City of Edmonds is committed to reducing pesticide use in its parks and has achieved a 60% reduction since 2008 by using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to landcare. Click here to learn more and see which areas of our parks are managed as pesticide free.