Edmonds Memorial Cemetery

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City's first steps

The City of Edmonds has already taken many steps toward energy savings in the areas of public works, land use, transportation, and public education activities, including: switching to B-20 biodiesel fuel in most City-owned vehicles, switching to energy-efficient LED lighting in traffic signals, retrofitting plumbing systems in City-owned buildings for water efficiency, supporting rapid transit initiatives, and offering public education on solid waste reduction and recycling.

How can I help?

How you live, eat, and travel affects our climate. As carbon dioxide gases are released into the atmosphere, the atmospheric temperature is raised and global warming is a result. The results of this warming threaten our existence on earth if left unchecked. You are responsible for creating 11 tons of carbon dioxide a year. Outside of the United States, individuals create only about four tons a year. Here are some simple steps you can take right now to help.

At home

  • Replace old appliances that hog energy
  • Insulate
  • Tune up your furnace. Keep the thermostat lower
  • Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs
  • Calculate your home’s electrical load profile
  • Recycle
  • Drink tap water not bottled water

On the road

  • Use your car less…a lot less!
  • Walk. Carpool. Take the bus. Bike.
  • Tune up your car. Inflate your tires properly
  • Buy locally
  • If you must drive, drive efficiently

In your yard

  • Be a smart gardener
  • Plant trees
  • Eliminate the gas lawnmower, edger, and blower
  • Compost

At work

  • Talk to your fellow employees about doing their part
  • Talk to your employer about it as well

Most importantly, be a role model for climate protection. Your children and your grandchildren will thank you!

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Memorial Cemetery


Edmonds Memorial Cemetery
& Columbarium
820 15th St SW
Edmonds, WA 98020
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call or email the Cemetery office.