Committee Guidelines

Purpose/ Goals:

  • To monitor and make recommendations relative to motorized and non-motorized transportation issues, systems and funding. 
  • To contribute input to the City’s Transportation Comprehensive Plan and updates to this plan,  and also to monitor the efforts to implement the improvements detailed in the plan.
  • Enhance communication with the Public in regards to Transportation needs.

Length of Term: 2 years

Committee Membership: Committee comprised of eight citizens and City Traffic Engineer.
Engineering Division recommends nomination/Mayor approves.
Compensation: Volunteer.
Meeting Dates and Time: Meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Edmonds Library Conference Room.
Qualifications to Serve:

  • Be a resident of the City of Edmonds.
  • Be interested in the City of Edmonds transportation systems
  • Complete the interest form, attach a copy of resume or bio, and mail to the Engineering Division office.