Harbor Square Master Plan


The Port of Edmonds has submitted a request to the City of Edmonds to incorporate the Port’s Harbor Square Master Plan into the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  While the Harbor Square Master Plan contains some language on the types of uses to be allowed and building heights, the request is not for a rezone and is not a project level proposal.  However, incorporating the Port’s Harbor Square Master Plan into the Comprehensive Plan would lay the foundation for a future rezone and/or development agreement for the Harbor Square property to support a mixed-use transit oriented development. 

The Harbor Square property is currently zoned General Commercial (CG) which was done through a contract rezone in 1980 (The contract rezone is available at this link).  Through the contract rezone, uses at Harbor Square were limited to commercial uses (residential use is not allowed) and a height limit of 35 feet was established.

The Harbor Square Master Plan submitted to the City for inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan envisions a mixed-use transit oriented development.  The mixed use nature of the Master Plan will allow for retail, commercial, office, public uses and residential housing.  The SEPA checklist indicates a redeveloped Harbor Square consistent with the Master Plan could provide 340 to 358 residential units, 50,400 square feet of retail, 9,784 square feet of office, 123,410 square feet of recreational health club uses (including tennis courts), 3.8 acres of public open space and 1,091 spaces of off-street parking.  The Master Plan also envisions buildings up to 55 feet in height.  Buildings of 35 feet are proposed for the SR-104/Dayton Street intersection while buildings of 45 feet are proposed along Dayton Street (with step back provisions for portions above 35 feet).  Five story buildings (55 feet) would be located at the far southern edge of the site.

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