Hearing Examiner Decisions
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Hearing Examiner Decisions


Hearing Examiner decisions issued during 2015...

Date Case# Description
##.##.15  PLN2015#### Case name / description


Hearing Examiner decisions issued during 2014...

Date Case# Description
04.09.14   PLN20130075 & 76 Prestige Care Nursing Facility
05.01.14 PLN20140004 WSDOT Noise Variance
05.22.14 PLN20140004 WSDOT Reconsideration


Hearing Examiner decisions issued during 2013...

Date Case# Description
8.26.13 PLN20130034 & 35 HE Decision on sign Variance (Edgewood Baptist Church)
8.8.13 PLN20130039 HE Decision on fence height (Willowdale Townhomes)
5.23.13 PLN20130012 HE Decision on C.U. for daycare facility (Goffette)
4.24.13 PLN20120033 HE Decision upon Reconsideration (Hillman)
4.16.13 PLN20120033 HE Reconsideration Order (Hillman)
3.28.13 PLN20120033 HE Decision on 3 Variances (Hillman)
3.28.13 PLN20120043 HE Decision on Shaw Plat
3.1.13 PLN20120047, 48, 49 HE Decision on 3 Variances (Olson)
1.25.13 PLN20120041 HE Decision on C.U. to allow office in RM1-5 zone (Gifford)


Hearing Examiner decisions issued during 2012...

Date Case# Description
9.25.12 APL20120005
Appeal of Notice of Violation and Monetary Fine (Magenity)
6.28.12 PLN20110076, 77 & 78 Design review, CU for drive-through, & subdivision (Seven Hills/Walgreens)
5.3.12 PLN20120003 & PLN20120004 Revision to HE Findings (City Noise & Kanczugowski)
4.27.12 PLN20120003 Noise Variance (City of Edmonds)
4.27.12 PLN20120004 Setback Variance (Kanczugowski)
3.19.12 PLN20070017 & 18 Order on Reconsideration (Burnstead)
3.7.12 PLN20070017 & 18 Remand on Woodway Plat (Burnstead)
2.9.12 PLN20110061 & 62 ADB Review and CU for drive through window (Key Bank)
1.27.12 PLN20110072 Setback Variance (Dent)
1.25.12 APL20110005 Motion for Reconsideration (Classico Homes)


Hearing Examiner decisions issued during 2011...

Date Case# Description
12.22.11  PLN20110073 Height of Rockery (Stuart)
12.22.11 PLN20070020 & 21 Remand (Stonebridge Court)
9.22.11 PLN20110046 Variance from street setback for 5 freestanding signs (Swedish Hosp.)
9.22.11 APL20110004 Appeal of ECDC 21.105.10 Defines grade to be used to measure bldg. height (Classico Homes)
8.25.11 APL20110002 & 3 Appeal of Notice of Violation & Monetary Fine and C.U.P. (Birlenbach)
6.5.11 APL20110001 Appeal of Nonconforming Use Interpretation (Meadowdale Marina)
5.4.11 PLN20110002 Addition of Outdoor Seating (Panera)
3.4.11 PLN20100078 Shoreline Conditional Use Permit (Pump Station #2)
2.3.11 PLN20100066 Addition of Outdoor Seating (Scott's Bar & Grill)
2.2.11 PLN20100070 Variance from maximum fence height (PUD)


Hearing Examiner decisions issued during 2010...

Date Case# Description
11.3.10 PLN20100027 Shoreline Substantial Development permit (Gold)
11.3.10 PLN20100060 CU for bank in BP zone (1st Security Bank)
10.21.10 PLN20100053 CU for drive through (Columbia Bank)
10.21.10 PLN20100061 CU for drive through (WA. Federal Savings)
9.8.10 PLN20100042 CU for an office as a primary use (DJM Investments)
9.1.10 PLN20100049 Variance from street & side setbacks (Jackson)
8.31.10 PLN20100040 Variance to allow pitch in roof (Soros)
8.19.10 APL20100002 Appeal of ADU (Drake)
7.15.10 PLN20100034 Shoreline Dev. (city - Eng.)
7.15.10 PLN20100029 CU for drive-through espresso (Green Bean Java)
6.17.10 PLN20100024 Noise Variance (WSDOT)
6.17.10 PLN20100025 Operate Daycare Center (Olympic View Montessori)
6.17.10 PLN20100028 Outdoor Seating (Five Restaurant/Bistro)
4.9.10 APL20100001 Appeal of Tree Cutting (Hathaway)
3.30.10 PLN20090055 Variance from PRD restriction (Picasso)
2.19.10 AMD20100006 Advisory Report (City - Eng)
2.18.10 APL20090004 Appeal of Notice of Violation (Reidy)

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