Food Service Requirements

City of Edmonds New Food Serviceware Requirements

Attention all businesses in Edmonds selling food and beverages.

NEW Food Service Packaging Requirements - per City of Edmonds Ordinances #4139 & #4145


Single-Use Plastic Ban Goes into Effect January 1, 2020.

·         At that time food service businesses are required to no longer offer any single-use plastic food service item to its customers.
·         Options include durable or compostable alternatives only (see Resources below).
·         This applies to all food service businesses including:

Full-service restaurants
Fast food restaurants
Coffee shops
Grocery stores
Retail food vendors
Home delivery services
Non-profit food providers
Vending trucks and carts
Farmers markets
Institutional cafeterias
Food and beverage vendor booths at public events on city property
Other businesses selling food within the City

·         Affected businesses are encouraged to read the full text of both ordinances (see Resources below) that support these requirements.
·         The City will work with businesses to assist in compliance with the requirements. Please contact the City here with any questions or concerns.

Businesses, Please Take Action

·         Use up your existing inventory of single-use plastic food service items before January 1, 2020.
·         Choose compliant food service items to meet the new food service packaging requirements.
·         Provide straws and utensils only upon customers’ request (one of the requirements).
·         It is encouraged that businesses arrange for commercial collection of compostable materials (Sound Disposal in Edmonds Bowl) (Cedar Grove Compost for Edmonds in general) and designate clearly-marked collection containers for compostables (including food wastes) and recyclables in employee and customer areas.


·         Cedar Grove Composting – List of acceptable compostable products
·         Lenz Enterprises Composting – List of acceptable compostable products
·         Ordinance 4139
·         Ordinance 4145
·         Banned/Allowed Materials flyer