Fall 2020

TRA Edmonds WA 5Corners 1024x683Join Zoom Meeting Thursday, October 15th @ 7:30 pm
Meeting ID: 979 9162 1922

Mayor Nelson will kick-off his virtual Neighborhood Meetings series with the Five Corners/Chase Lake area on Thursday, October 15th at 7:30 pm. These meetings are a way for Mayor Nelson to listen to residents, share information about City projects, programs, and goals, and deliver updates unique to each of the neighborhoods that comprise our city of approximately 42,000.

“I want to listen to what is happening in your neighborhood and share with you the steps we are taking to move our city to a brighter future,” said Mayor Nelson. “As your Mayor one of my greatest desires is to connect with you in person. Since March we haven’t been able to meet, and that’s been really difficult. My hope is that through a regular schedule of neighborhood meetings – initially via Zoom – we will be able to reconnect.”

Mayor Nelson has indicated that, as soon as it's possible, he would like to hold in-person meetings in areas around the City also.

For more information on this series of meetings please contact the City’s Public Information Officer.

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