Fall 2020
Edmonds City Council Meetings are held every Tuesday evening at 7 pm, except for the fifth Tuesday of a month unless otherwise noticed. Due to the coronavirus, meetings are currently being held virtually.

To join, comment, or view the Edmonds City Council Meeting in its entirety:


or call toll free: 888-475-4499 | Meeting ID: 425 775 2525

During the public comment period, please raise your hand to speak, either physically on camera or electronically via Zoom button (*9 on telephone). 

The Council will continue to take written comments of up to 450 words, roughly equivalent to three spoken minutes at publiccomment@edmondswa.gov

Edmonds City Council Meeting agenda and video:

Agenda and Video ~ http://edmondswa.iqm2.com/Citizens/default.aspx

View on one of the following cable channels: Comcast channel 21 | Ziply channel 39

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