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rain garden2 compAh, Fall in the Pacific Northwest, with the pitter-patter of raindrops on your roof, signaling the end of summer.  Storms lasting for hours, if not days!  So, where does all that rain water go?  Does the runoff flow from your roof drains, across your driveway, and onto your street, finally running to the nearest storm drain?  Or does the runoff stay on your property; is it collected in a rain barrel or directed to a rain garden?  What’s a rain garden?  Rain gardens are a common-sense feature for a Pacific Northwest yard, consisting of planted, shallow depressions that collect runoff from rooftops, driveways, and other areas that don’t allow water to soak into the ground.  They can be shaped to fit your lot, landscaped to match the surroundings, planted to complement your existing garden, and are sized to temporarily store stormwater runoff (not a pond - no standing water!!).

rain garden3 compHow do rain gardens work?  Rain gardens use soils and plants to slow and reduce rain water runoff, allowing it to soak naturally into the ground where the soils allow.  Pollutants (including oil and grease from driveways and pesticides/fertilizers from lawns) carried in the runoff collect in the rain garden and filter through the plants’ root systems and soil.  As a result, those pollutants are kept out of our local water bodies.  Remember, storm drains in Edmonds don’t flow to wastewater treatment plants, but discharge without treatment to our local water bodies.  Any polluted runoff we direct to rain gardens is runoff we keep out of Edmonds Marsh, one of our many small creeks such as Shell or Perrinville Creek, Lake Ballinger, and Puget Sound.

The benefits of rain gardens extend beyond stormwater treatment.  Rain gardens are beautiful additions to your landscaping, enhancing your property.  They provide habitat for beneficial insects and birds; reduce flooding, sewer overflows, and erosion in streams by absorbing runoff from hard surfaces; and increase groundwater recharge.

rain garden compTo promote the use of rain gardens, the City of Edmonds is starting a Residential Rain Garden Program.  The goals of the program are to reduce stormwater runoff, educate residents about stormwater issues, and involve the residents in stormwater management solutions by helping them install rain gardens on their property.  The City has already gathered a group of residents who have expressed interest in installing rain gardens on their property.  We’ve also involved the Snohomish Conservation District and WSU Extension, to use their established rain garden programs to teach/coordinate our resident volunteers and possibly provide funding for the rain gardens.  At least one neighborhood will be selected for the rain garden cluster based on the following requirements:
  • There are at least 6 property owners willing to install rain gardens, and neighbors are supportive of the rain garden program;
  • Each rain garden must be planted entirely on private property and will be maintained by the property owner;
  • Site conditions, particularly soil drainage characteristics, are favorable for rain gardens (to be verified prior to selection);
  • The rain garden must be visible from the street.

If you’re interested in joining, talk to your neighbors and build some excitement about installing rain gardens in your neighborhood.  Let them know that the City has resources, and possibly funding, to make this happen.  Please contact Patrick Johnson at the City of Edmonds by December 1, 2014 if your neighborhood has at least six interested property owners wanting to participate.  You can also contact Mike should you have questions about rain gardens, rain barrels, or other stormwater issues at pat.johnson@edmondswa.gov or 425.771.0220 x1322.  Or for information on rain gardens, go to the 12,000 Rain Gardens resources page (http://www.12000raingardens.org/resources/), which includes the current rain garden handbook, a great guide for homeowners interested in installing rain gardens. 

dont drip drive compAnd now, an update to our summer newsletter article “Don’t Drip and Drive – Get Those Leaks Fixed” (link to summer 2014 newsletter article):  the City of Edmonds, WSU Extension and Sound Salmon Solutions successfully held two vehicle-leak detection events on August 22 at the Edmonds PCC Market and September 15 at Yost Pool.  The events were part of the Puget Sound-wide Don’t Drip and Drive campaign, designed to build awareness and educate people about checking vehicles for leaks regularly to keep cars on the road and protect local waters.  A total of 148 cars were checked at the two events and 4 cars were found to have leaks.  Car owners were given a voucher for a free professional evaluation at a participating repair shop, and discounts for repairs.  That’s 148 cars with empowered owners, on their way to keeping vehicle fluids out of our local water bodies.  As you may know, more than 7 million quarts of motor oilannuallydrips out of vehicles onto streets and parking lots and makes its way to lakes, rivers, and streams including Puget Sound.  Most of this toxic pollution comes from small drips from cars and trucks.  More information on the campaign can be found at www.fixcarleaks.org.

Puget Sound Starts Here

City Newsletter ~ Update on Edmonds Summer 2020

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Flags at Half Staff ~ July 2020

flag half staffTuesday, August 4, 2020 ~ Flags are at Half-Staff in memory of Bothell Police Officer Jonathan Shoop who died in the line of duty on Monday, July 13, 2020

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 ~ Flags are at Half-Staff in memory of Washington State Trooper Justin Schaffer who died in the line of duty on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

Edmonds Releases Grants for Local Small Businesses

(Edmonds, WA) – As part of its Edmonds Cares Fund, the City of Edmonds has offered 91 local small businesses grants of up to $8,000 to help defray the extra costs and lost revenue associated with the COVID-19 economic crisis. All grant recipients have now been contacted. The City is pleased to be able to offer grants to well over half of the 162 businesses that sent in applications. 

According to the City, all of the recipients are small businesses, most are minority- or women-owned, a large number have lost more than 70 percent of their business compared with last year, and many received little to no other grant funding. continue reading

Edmonds Housing Commission Listens as it Moves Toward Next Steps

Edmonds residents are asked to weigh in on concepts big and small

(Edmonds, WA) The City of Edmonds has launched an online open house and community survey about housing ideas. The open house and survey are part of community outreach by the Edmonds Housing Commission to gather and organize community input on housing policy concepts from zoning to building design.

The open house will feature videos that highlight ideas for many housing policy topics including accessory dwellings and housing funds and future engagement opportunities. It can all be found at ECHCOpenHouse.com. continue reading

Walkable Main Street Returns!

walkable main3After a hiatus over the holiday weekend, and in response to great community support, Main Street will again be closed to vehicles from 3rd to 6th Avenues on Saturday 10am to 10pm and Sunday 10am to 9pm to allow for:

  • a larger, safer area for pedestrian flow, allowing for social distancing while strolling
  • seating for restaurants and cafés, allowing for safer outdoor dining
  • outdoor sales or display for retailers
  • members of the public to return to Downtown Edmonds in a more welcoming and safer manner and to re-engage with shops, services, and restaurants


Please view the map attached to this post for a diagram of the street closure and availability of nearby parking. map

Walkable Main Street will continue on Saturdays and Sundays for the foreseeable future.

Please patronize all our wonderful retail shops and services while enjoying Walkable Main Street!

Edmonds Offers Grants for Local Small Businesses

Second Round of Grants for City’s Most Vulnerable Residents Also Opens

(Edmonds, WA) - After City Council approval on June 23rd, grants of up to $10,000 are now available to small businesses in Edmonds to help provide relief to the economic blow created by the COVID-19 economic crisis. As part of the “Edmonds Cares Fund,” Business Support Grants will provide individual businesses up to $10,000. The total grant pool is $700,000.

The City Council also approved increased funding for a second round of grants to local lower-income residents who are often the most hard-hit by loss of employment and increased expenses brought on by the crisis. continue reading

Public Notice for Wastewater Treatment Incinerator Replacement Project

public hearing 300x275The Edmonds City Council will hold an optional public hearing to receive residents’ comments on the proposed Wastewater Treatment Incinerator Replacement project on July 7 at 7 pm.

The $26 million project replaces the existing 30-year old mechanical incinerator which is nearly a decade beyond the end of its useful life and has become increasingly expensive to maintain due to more stringent air quality standards. The replacement project complies with all current standards and aligns with state and local climate action targets.

The City has fully researched available options, has developed a recommended solution. We are now seeking Council approval to move forward with this recommended option.

The City Council meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. via the Zoom Platform. Residents may connect with a computer or smart phone at: https://zoom.us/s/4257752525 or join the meeting by phone at: 888 475 4499 (Toll Free) or 877 853 5257 (Toll Free) Meeting ID 425 775 2525.  

Written comments are welcomed prior to the public hearing. Please submit to Maureen.Judge@edmondswa.gov.

Dayton Street Construction Update: 8th Ave Intersection Closure

Dayton Street construction update: upcoming 8th Ave intersection closure:

Crews plan to close the 8th Ave and Dayton Street intersection from Monday, July 6 to Thursday, July 9.  During the closure, crews will finish the intersection, build a new center island and complete the paving work in that same area.  This is part of the larger multi-phase Dayton Project to upgrade utilities. 

During this closure:
• The intersection of 8th Avenue and Dayton will be closed to all vehicle traffic daily from Monday, July 6 through Thursday, July 9 between 7 am and 5 pm. 
• The intersection will be open during evening hours.
• Access to businesses, driveways, and parking lots will be maintained
• The sidewalks at the 8th Ave intersection will be open; pedestrian detours crossing the intersection will be in place.
Community Transit rerouted during Phase 2 construction Community Transit Route 116 has been rerouted between 3rd and 9th avenues for Phase 2 construction. Several stops along Dayton Street have been relocated for the duration of construction. For up-to-date details about bus routes, please visit Community Transit’s rider alerts page.
How to stay informed - COVID-19: For updates on what the City of Edmonds is doing to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, visit: http://www.edmondswa.gov/coronavirus.html
• Website: Please stay tuned to our website for regular updates: http://www.edmondswa.gov/dayton-street-utility-improvements.html
• Email: If you have questions or comments, email us at daytonproject@edmondswa.gov
• Twitter: You can also follow project progress on Twitter at @DaytonStProject

The City of Edmonds is working to manage our community’s needs for support and safety as COVID-19 continues to impact us all. Please note the construction schedule is subject change as we receive new information. For more information about actions the City of Edmonds is taking, please visit http://www.edmondswa.gov/coronavirus.html.

Edmonds Parks and Recreation Re-opens Summer Camp Registration

prcsFrom acting to robotics to football to outdoor adventures, Edmonds Parks has it all  

(Edmonds, WA) It has been a very tough year for both kids and parents. That’s why the City of Edmonds is happy to share information about the 50+summer camp opportunities available as soon as Edmonds moves into COVID-19 Safe Start Phase 3. continue reading

The City Helps Businesses with Phase 2 Compliance

Scheduled site visits offer support and direction, not penalties

(Edmonds, WA) -   COVID-19 restrictions have been tough on local businesses. To help businesses adapt to the new rules and changing requirements, Development Services staff will delay some current work to go to local businesses for site visits.

“Business owners have a lot on their mind with scheduling and managing the financial impact of COVID and closures,” said Shane Hope, Development Services Director. “We want to connect them to accurate information and where to get supplies like masks and other protective things they might need so they can reopen and customers can feel good about going inside and doing business with them.”

These visits aren’t punitive and the city isn’t handing out tickets. Staff will inform workers and owners on the guidelines.

Last week, the City sent all 2200 business owners a postcard with links to useful information about grants, loans, and additional support. Last Friday, staff began the site visits. Teams will focus on restaurants, bars, retail and personal services like salons.

Business can set up a time with Development Services team members by calling 425.771.0220. The team will also make spot visits around town. Business owners can also check the City’s business support page at www.edmondswa.gov/covid-business. It is updated frequently.

Back by Popular Demand: Pedestrian-Friendly Main Street Returns and Expands June 27-28

june 27 28

Area around Fountain will close in addition to Main Street for more pleasant pedestrian experience

(Edmonds, WA) -   Last weekend’s Walkable Main Street Pilot Project was so popular that Edmonds City Mayor Mike Nelson announced the City will do it again this weekend, June 27 and 28. Based on feedback, more street sections will close for outdoor dining and walking, and the timeframe will expand. continue reading

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